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January 2011 Archives

Longoria's Texas divorce finalized

It seems like just yesterday when "Desperate Housewives" and San Antonio Spurs stars Eva Longoria and Tony Parker were married. It was a Paris wedding that attracted media attention comparable to that of a royal wedding. The fairy tale wedding, however, did not solidify a fairy tale marriage. Now, according to reports, the marriage is officially over.

'My Name is Earl,' star tops off rough patch with divorce filing

Sure, the lives of Hollywood stars might look easy, but one popular starlet has recently proven that struggles affect us all, whether we are blue collar workers or stars of a hit TV show. Blonde beauty and actress Jaime Pressly is in the midst of living out a string of stressful incidents in the eyes of the media.

Host of "Top Chef" contest in own battle over custody of daughter

Former model and current "Top Chef" host Padma Lakshmi might not be as accustomed to the competition the challengers face on the hit Bravo show, but it sounds like the time for her to fight has come. Rather than fighting for the title of "Top Chef," however, Lakshmi is in the fight for the title of primary parent.

New Lawsuit Against Steve Harvey's Ex Drudges Up Divorce Details

Oprah Winfrey is widely known for bringing joy and happiness into the world. Her name is now associated, however, with an ugly exchange between famous comedian Steve Harvey and his ex-wife. According to reports, Harvey's ex has posted a trio of YouTube videos wherein she tells viewers some alleged truths about her ex and their divorce that cast him in a negative light.

Father of Halle Berry's Child Wants Paternity Established

While this is a celebrity story, it's a relatively tame and refreshing one. Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry, 44, and model Gabriel Aubry dated for a couple of years before deciding to have a child together. And in 2008, they welcomed a daughter into the world.

What Man Found in Wife's E-mail Led to Child Custody Dispute

Have you ever looked through your spouse's e-mails, Facebook posts or text messages? Certainly, not everyone has engaged in this type of snooping behavior, but there are some who do and wind up discovering truths that shake up their lives and families.

Texas Appeals Court Upholds Same-Sex Divorce

On Dec. 16, we shared a post about a controversial Texas divorce case with a nationally notable theme at its center: same-sex marriage. Actually, the case more specifically has to do with same-sex divorce, but in the eyes of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, whether same-sex divorce should be valid in the state depends on the state's laws regarding same-sex marriage.

Report: Whether Over Money or Sex, Lying is Lying in Marriage

Have you ever bought something and intentionally hid that purchase from your spouse? Maybe you have a pair of shoes that were too good of a deal to pass up. Maybe you couldn't help to believe that the new Apple gadget was a must for you and worth your money. But are such secret purchases worth the potential downfall of your marriage?

Teen Reunited With Mother in Child Custody Interference Case

As a parent, your custodial rights are a vital part of your relationship with your child. If you have gone through a divorce, paternity action or other case involving child custody, your rights are spelled out in a court order. If anyone interferes with your custodial rights, you are entitled to enforce that order.


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