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March 2012 Archives

Don't become your ex's fraud victim in divorce, part 2

In a previous post, we began a discussion about potential fraud during property division amid divorce. Forbes published a list of warning signs for divorcing parties to look for that could be potential signifiers that their ex is hiding assets from them.

Adoptive mom must pay child support for boy sent back to Russia

An adoption involving a woman in the U.S. and a child from Russia ended in scandal, when the adoptive mother sent the 7-year-old boy back to Russia by himself. The woman decided that the adoption wouldn't work, reportedly because she thought the boy had emotional problems. Her change of heart and how she sent the boy away became grounds for a precedent-setting child support lawsuit. The adoptive mother, who lived in Tennessee at the time of the adoption, put her adopted son on a plane to Moscow with a note pinned to his shirt stating that the boy was violent and that she no longer wanted him. Outraged, the adoption agency took the adoptive mother to court and sued for child support.

Don't become your ex's fraud victim in divorce, part 1

When a romantic relationship begins, very few people believe that things could ever get ugly or to the point of divorce. But divorce statistics prove that most people are wrong. Marriages start with the best of intentions, filled with love, but then they sometimes end in the most acrimonious way.

More saying 'I do want a prenup' without saying 'I do'

Don't want to get married? If that's the case, you are not alone. Not getting married is a decision that more and more Americans are making. But that doesn't mean that those against marriage are against committed relationships.

Military pensions bring extra confusion to divorce

The financial matters related to divorce can be difficult, and a spouse's service in the military can make things even more complicated. One of the things that influences many to withstand the challenges is the promise of a sizable military pension, which can become central if a divorce happens and the couple faces the often sensitive process of property division. With the number of military families in Texas, there are many here who face these issues firsthand. The law regarding military divorce is that a spouse is entitled to half of the value accrued by the pension during the time the couple was married. However, actually getting this property division to happen can get tricky. The Wall Street Journal outlines some basic tips and points about military divorce and the financial aspects of this more complex process.

Sanders' Texas divorce heats up, leads to more legal drama

In previous posts about the contested divorce between Deion and Pilar Sanders, it becomes clearer with each update that their split is filled with drama. In the beginning, it sounded as though Pilar wanted to keep the marriage together. She eventually, however, accepted that the Texas divorce was on and decided to challenge the pair's prenuptial agreement.

Baby boomers changing landscape of marriage in the U.S.

Today's baby boomers are far more likely to be single than people in their age group were in the past. In 2010, according to an analysis of recent census data conducted by Bowling Green State University, about a third of Americans aged 46 to 64 were single due to divorce, separation or never being married. In 1970, only 13 percent were. That's a huge difference. Boomers have always been known for doing things differently than previous generations. Their willingness to be single in middle age, even after a long-term marriage, is no exception. Some reasons for this change include the growing financial independence of women, which enables them to live on their own, less social pressure to be married, a declining stigma against getting divorced later in life and increased life expectancies, which make people more reluctant to stay in unhappy marriages.

Dividing the dog: The new divorce issue that's on the rise

New divorce issues may now include pet custody and protection, in addition to property division and child custody arrangements. In most states, pets have had the legal status of property and have been handled as such during divorce proceedings in the past. Today, however, judges are recognizing the emotional ties people develop while caring for pets. Many will assign custody of the pet to the partner who receives child custody, which favors and acknowledges the emotional attachments of a child to their pet. Many childless couples enter into pet custody agreements, where one person has sole custody or the couple share custody. In some rare cases, a protective order may be necessary to prevent a vindictive or angry ex-spouse from causing harm to a loved pet to hurt their former partner.


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