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October 2012 Archives

Divorce and citizenship issues

When an American citizen seeks to marry a foreign citizen, an individual living abroad or a dual citizen, the engaged couple usually has to jump through hoops to obtain a marriage certificate and to live together within the same national borders. For better and for worse, when couples with complicated citizenship issues seek to divorce, red tape similarly abounds.

Could election season be harming your marriage?

For some couples, Election Day cannot come soon enough. Many elements of marriage can threaten a particular union and political infighting can add tension to already strained spousal relationships. Though it would be lovely if everyone could get along like political power couple and polar opposites James Carville and Mary Matalin do, that ideal is simply not realistic.

Divorcing after the children are out of the house

A very common reason that parents in Texas will continue to try to make a difficult marriage last is for the benefit of the children. When the problems persist but the children are out of the house, some couples make the decision to part ways. Within the last two decades, the rate of couples over the age of 50 divorcing has almost doubled.

Considering the financial impact of a divorce

Divorce has become an accepted norm within our culture as about half of all marriages will end in this manner. Many people think primarily of the emotional toll associated with a divorce. However, a divorce will absolutely impact a splitting couple financially as well. Many newly single individuals will want to live the same lifestyle they had when they were married, but as one woman from Houston that divorced said, "We both were making money. We both were working full time." In the event of a divorce, a significant amount of resources will not be available to an individual any longer.

Texas man did not finalize divorce, charged with bigamy

It is critical that when a couple is divorcing, they make sure to go about the process through the judicial system in a manner that can be enforceable. This means that if an individual seeks custody, visitation, child support, alimony or any sort of post-decree modification, that party should go through a judge to do so. If an individual fails to do this, they could find themselves facing serious, even criminal, consequences.

Divorce: A time for celebration?

Typical weddings in Texas are closely followed by a reception where friends and family celebrate the newlywed couple by toasting to a long and happy life before the couple whisks away for their honeymoon. Then divorce hits. In the midst of splitting up property, reaching a child custody agreement and working out alimony, there can be a lot of bitter feelings. While everyone strives for an amicable split, it is not uncommon for either one party or both to experience a gamut of emotions: sad, angry and overwhelmed.

Texas mother bribes judge in custody case, sentenced to jail

Some parents would go to any length to ensure custody of their children. It would seem fairly obvious to state that there are several legal methods that a parent can pursue to place them in a more favorable position to be awarded custody. However, some parents seem to throw caution to the wind and will seek any avenue, including illegal activity, to ensure that they are awarded custody of their child. Unfortunately, this often has the reverse effect.

Is signing a prenuptial agreement a precursor to a divorce?

Signing a prenuptial agreement is not a precursor to a divorce. Over the past couple of decades the rate at which couples across the nation are signing a prenuptial agreement has increased a significant amount. One family law attorney in Atlanta reports, "Overall, I'd say prenups are ten times more common than they were 20 years ago, when I started practicing. It's not taboo anymore." The same holds true in Texas as well, where a surge of prenuptial agreements have been signed.

Houston surrogate fights for parental rights

In the immediate moments following the birth of a child, parents may look across to each other with tears in their eyes over the precious gift that just came into the world -- the months of pregnancy and the pain of labor are quickly forgotten. It is highly unlikely that in such a tender moment, parents would look across at each other with contempt in a mutual effort to keep the child. Usually, those glances of disdain are saved for the courtroom when the relationship has soured and a child custody battle is proceeding.

Are Texas individuals entitled to visitation of ex-stepchildren?

Divorce is not uncommon in Texas, nor is it unheard of for an individual to divorce multiple times. In fact, a second marriage is more likely to end in divorce than a first marriage. Often, second marriages blend families. Such a complex weaving of relationships can be confusing to navigate for parents, stepparents, ex-stepparents, stepsiblings, half-siblings and any other extension of a blended family member.

Harris County parents ordered to pay child support falling behind

Divorce can leave exes bitter. However, bitter feeling should never affect blameless parties in a divorce -- children. Even if the parent is not the custodial parent, this does not mean that the relationship with the child has been terminated. Often, a court will order the non-custodial parent to pay child support. In cases where an angry ex refuses to pay child support, they are enacting more harm against their child than they are against their ex-spouse.


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