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October 2011 Archives

Obesity a growing topic in child custody disputes

When two divorcing parents in Texas are involved in a child custody dispute, issues often revolve around a child's well-being. Sometimes a child's health takes center stage, and lately the obesity epidemic has played an increasing role in child custody disputes.

When family law and domestic violence intertwine

Sure, when someone thinks of family law, he probably doesn't think that a divorce or the many disputes that can come with it are entirely easy. But divorce can be a smooth process, especially when the parties involved both want out and there are no extreme situations within the family.

Should Texas adopt a longer divorce waiting period?

There are many benefits to living in Texas. We've got great people, great culture, great food and more. Some people see a benefit in Texas divorce law, which allows parties to divorce more quickly than in many other states. We have seen examples of this in celebrity divorces like Sandra Bullock's and Eva Longoria's.

Is the season over for McCourts' property division dispute?

The highly public disputes between Frank and Jamie McCourt -- a divorce case that we've consistently followed on this blog -- seem to be reaching some conclusion. Surprisingly, it looks like the couple appears to have become a unified front, at least in their property division battle related to the ownership of the Dodgers.

Study: Materialism and marriage don't mix

Money can't buy you happiness. That's the saying, right? And, according to a recent study, that saying holds true for happiness in marriage. Researchers from Brigham Young University and William Paterson University conducted a study that suggests that marriages with materialistic partners might be likelier to end in divorce.

Study: Working women are more likely to remain wedded women

The so-called traditional family model includes the wife at home taking care of the kids and the husband "bringing home the bacon." While there is certainly nothing wrong with that model, especially if it works for some, it doesn't guarantee a happy marriage. In fact, a recent study reveals that women are less likely to initiate a divorce when they work outside the home.

Steve Jobs: Apple genius ... and former paternity denier?

When a person dies, the public tends to focus on the many details of their lives, including their successes and potential scandals. Last week, an American and all-around business legend died. Steve Jobs' passing rocked the nation, but the genius was more than that, he was also part of a modern family.

Southern values in Texas: Do they set couples up for divorce?

Texas is famous for doing everything big, and when it comes to divorce, apparently that's bigger here, too. Many people look at Texas and think that the Southern values mean something with regards to lasting marriages, but that's apparently not true.

Critics question timing of MLB player's Texas divorce filing

Marriage can be difficult under the best of circumstances. Add in a professional baseball career, a bad season and a wife with a breast cancer diagnosis and marriage can become difficult. While many people might assume they would never walk away from a spouse who has cancer or some other illness, it is difficult to make that type of call without being in that particular situation. When a marriage is turning sour for other reasons, it may be just as beneficial to leave a marriage for both people involved, despite potential fallout.


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