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November 2010 Archives

Longoria vs. Parker Equals California vs. Texas Divorce

Celebrity divorces not only attract a media blitz, but they actually open up an opportunity to teach the general public about family law and how different states treat family issues in court. In the case of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, we are faced with a sort of déjà vu related to Sandra Bullock and Jesse James' recent Texas divorce.

"Survivor" Father Charged with Murder Loses Parental Rights

The previous post outlined the basic custody agreements regarding the children of the father involved in a Mexican homicide case. Earlier this month, the family agreed that the paternal grandparents would be the two kids' guardians, and the aunts would get to visit with the kids under third-party supervision.

Parents of Murder Suspect Get Guardianship over His Children

Earlier this past summer, the media covered an ugly homicide case that involved a producer of the hit TV program, "Survivor." His wife's dead body was found in a Cancun sewer in April, and speculation began that the husband was responsible for her death. The homicide case is still pending, and in the meantime, the murder suspect is living with his parents - and his two young children.

From "Desperate Housewife" to Former Housewife: Eva Wants Divorce

According to sources, the three-year marriage between Eva Longoria and Tony Parker is nearing its end. Talk of the split began earlier this week when media suggested that Longoria filed papers in a Texas court house. But more credible sources have corrected that suggestion today, saying that the "Desperate Housewives" co-star did, in fact, file for divorce, but she filed in L.A., not Texas.

Mel Defends Himself in Child Custody Case

It is not often these days when actor and director Mel Gibson has a chance to speak for himself. But in a recent hearing over the custody of his and Oksana Grigorieva's daughter, Gibson had the opportunity to defend his actions that have had the entire country in a frenzy.

Illegal Immigrant Unknowingly Loses Child Custody While in Jail

Losing one's parental rights to his or her child is a drastic situation that has a significant effect on a parent's and child's life. Imagine not knowing that your parental rights were even in danger and then finding out that you lost child custody and your child has a new home with adoptive parents.

Adult Children Want Their Parents to Prepare for Divorce

Did you sign a prenup? That is a question usually reserved for divorce attorneys or nosey friends, but according to the Huffington Post, that question is coming out of the mouths of a new demographic. Adult children of divorce are becoming more involved with their older parents' new marriages, not because they dislike their potential stepparents, but because they want financial protection.

Did Bribery Help Texas Family in Child Custody Case?

For the sake of privacy, no names of the parties involved in the case we are about to discuss will be shared. It is a sensitive case that not only affects two Texas children, but also the career of an area judge. According to the Dallas Morning News, a couple, a campaign consultant and a Texas family law judge are all accused of working together for mutual benefits.

Sheen to Be Single: En Route to Third Divorce

While the looming singlehood of notorious actor Charlie Sheen might not excite too many women out there who follow celebrity news, the fact that Sheen filed for divorce this week sure has the media interested. It has been a chaotic year for Sheen and his third wife, Brook Mueller. And it looks like the crazy year will have been the last of their short marriage.

It's a Divorce in the U.S.A: Miley Cyrus' Parents Split

If you are not a fan of Miley Cyrus, then you probably don't know that she recently had a hit called "Party in the U.S.A.," in which the teen star sings about the daunting transition from Nashville living to L.A. living. But now, Cyrus has another drastic, more personal change ahead of her. Her parents are getting a divorce.


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