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What to do if your spouse serves you with divorce papers

Marrying the love of your life is not necessarily a recipe for lifelong happiness. While some couples remain married forever, as many as 50% of all marriages end in divorce. How you react to the dissolution of your marriage, though, makes a difference. 

If you do not have a great relationship with your spouse, you may both be thinking about a potential divorce. Still, when one partner serves the other with divorce papers, shock, sadness and anxiety are often common emotions. You do not have to panic, though. If your spouse serves you with divorce papers, you must have a plan for dealing with your situation. 

Establishing your financial footing after divorce

Going through a divorce can be taxing on several levels. Therefore, it is important that individuals properly prepare themselves to undergo the divorce, as well as to survive once it is officially finished.

Particularly in regards to finances, it is critical that parties put certain measures in place to help them to not just survive, but thrive once their marriage is over. Consider a few key tips for establishing a financial footing after divorce.

What can I do if I cannot honor the child visitation schedule?

The parenting plan that parents agree to during a Texas divorce is not written in stone. The child custody and visitation schedule are legal arrangements that both parties should make every effort to honor. However, there are legitimate modification-qualifying circumstances that can occur and make it challenging and sometimes impossible for one or both parties to uphold their obligation. Job loss or relocation, incarceration, disability and illness are just a few life events that can interfere with a parent's ability to see his or her kids. 

It is best to tackle any concerns regarding the child visitation and custody head on instead of waiting and allowing them to go on indefinitely.  

How can you soften a divorce request?

You may have thought long and hard about divorcing your spouse. As far as you can tell, your spouse has no idea his universe is about to go sideways. He is cheerful, and life is good. You, meanwhile, are miserable. You no longer love your spouse; in fact, the stress of putting on a happy face becomes more difficult with each day.

You may blame yourself for leading your spouse to believe your marriage is sailing on smooth waters. At this point in your relationship, you realize that acting as if nothing is wrong has not served you or your spouse fairly. The sunny marital climate you have been careful to maintain is about to come crashing down in a firey storm of smoke and ashes when you deliver the bad news: "I want a divorce."

Debunking myths about divorce and finances

Everyone wants an easy divorce. Unfortunately, that just does not happen for everyone. Many parents in Texas have struggled with getting adequate time with their children following a divorce. Some of them have not seen their kids for years. 

Occasionally, there is nothing to do about a messy divorce. However, the process can become simpler if you know how to separate fact from fiction. Many myths about divorce continue due to people offering their own advice, which often tends to be wrong. You have likely heard of the following myths, and now it is time to learn the truth. 

5 things you can do now to make your split go smoothly

Breaking up is never in the plan, but still, it can happen. You and your spouse do not have much in common, and you have found yourselves drifting apart over the years.

You believe separation is in the cards, you just may not know how to proceed. When both spouses agree that divorce is the best solution, they should start getting things together in advance of formal proceedings. Here is a list of five things you can do now to prepare for a smoother dissolution.

5 tips to help long-distance dads stay close to the children

If you have children who reside with the other parent following your divorce, you will have visitation rights. However, visitation is not possible for fathers who live far away from their kids. Your marriage may have ended, but you will be a parent all your life.

Assuring your kids of how much you care can take many forms. Here are 5 tips to help you stay close to your children, even though distance separates you physically.

3 financial professionals you need in a high-asset divorce

Divorce is a complicated process no matter the circumstances, but certain factors make it even more complex. One of these is having many valuable marital assets. Dividing these is not easy and requires extra effort to produce the best outcome for both parties.

As you prepare for a high-asset divorce, you should consider putting together a special team of financial professionals to assist your attorney. These are three you may find helpful to your situation.

3 options for guiding a business through property division

No aspect of divorce is pleasant, but most couples especially dread having to divide their assets.

For example, if you and your spouse own a business together, what will happen to it? Here are three options to think about when your company becomes the focus of property division.

Financial documents you need for a divorce

There are various indications it is time for a couple to divorce. Some common signs include the spouses no longer communicating properly or one partner not respecting the other. 

One spouse may be ready to move on, but divorces often last a long time. It takes a while before the couple can even get to court. You can help expedite the process by ensuring you have all pertinent documents readily available beforehand. Before you submit the divorce paperwork to the court, ensure you have these documents or at least know where you can get them. 


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