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Gray divorce involves special considerations

If you are among the many Texas residents navigating their way through a divorce later in life, know that you are not alone. Couples over the age of 50 are now divorcing at increasingly high rates, and divorcing later in life often involves special considerations you may not face if you divorce at an earlier age.

Per Kiplinger, the divorce rate among couples over 50 has about doubled since the 1990s, with many married couples finding that, once children have left the family home, spouses have little in common without them. Others find that they are used to spending a certain amount of time by themselves and with their partners, but, should one or both parties in the marriage retire, the constant togetherness can lead to arguments and problems. Regardless of your reasoning for divorcing your husband or wife later in life, know that doing so involves unique issues and considerations with regard to:

3 tips for getting a lot of visitation with your child

As a father, you want to see your kids as much as possible. If getting as much visitation time as possible is one of your main goals during your divorce, it is important to follow some important steps. You may encounter some obstacles as you attempt to win a custody battle.

Even though it is illegal for courts to discriminate against fathers, you should be ready to fight hard for your interests. Here are some general rules for seeing your children as much as possible.

Dispelling 3 divorce myths

If you are heading for your first divorce, the realities of ending your marriage may be new and surprising to you. This foreign process may lead you to ask friends and family about divorce or even search for tips online. When this happens, you can expect much of the information you get to be wrong or misleading.

Buying into divorce myths may cause you to make decisions that will end up hurting you. This is why you should talk to a divorce attorney to inform you about the process. Here are three myths about divorce you should not believe. 

Why children fare better when they know their fathers

Familial relationships can prove incredibly complicated, and they often change and develop over time. If you are a father who does not have custody, or primary custody, of your child, know that your presence in your son or daughter's life, even if minimal, can have a major impact on overall well-being.

Known as "the Father Effect," the collective benefits of a child having a father in his or her life are substantial. While children who only see their fathers here and there typically still experience the Father Effect to some degree, children who have fully engaged fathers are even more likely to reap the benefits of the time spent together. Research shows that, by you being active in your son or daughter's life, he or she is:

How children benefit from joint custody arrangements

Adjusting to life after divorce can be tough for everyone involved, and this can prove especially true if, in addition to dealing with divorce, a parent is also adapting to a joint custody arrangement. It makes sense that parents might feel sad, lonely and even depressed as they learn to live at least part-time without their child under the same roof. However, it may make the transition easier if they learn to recognize the ways in which their arrangement benefits their child.

According to Time, having a joint custody arrangement can make a child better off physically and emotionally than having that child live exclusively with one parent or the other.

How to manage anger during divorce

As any qualified family law attorney will tell you, acting out of anger during divorce proceedings is not wise. It leads to a longer divorce, meaning higher legal fees, additional court dates, more negative effects on children and likely an unsatisfactory outcome.

However, feelings of anger are common and legitimate, says Psychology Today. It is normal to be upset over the end of your marriage and/or the way your ex behaves during the breakup. Whether the divorce process has yet to begin or you are in the middle of litigation, use these tips to keep your anger under control. 

Top 3 tips for dividing property during your divorce

Many aspects of divorce are stressful, but property division often stands out as one of the more nerve-racking processes. Preparation can go a long way when it comes to divvying up your assets and debts while ending your marriage. Dividing property can quickly become a hostile process, but it does not have to be that way.

You may be able to split assets and liabilities more smoothly if you plan ahead. Here are a few simple property division tips it could be worth keeping in mind as you move forward with your divorce. 

Divorce affects adult children, too

The effects of divorce on children are often a leading worry for couples when babies to teens are involved. When you divorce at an older age, though, this may become less of a concern for you.

However, divorce affects children who are out of the house as well. They may not face the challenges every day and may be better equipped to handle them, but do not underestimate the impact your marital split can have on the emotional well-being of your grown-up children.

3 things you should know about serving divorce papers

It is unfortunately true that both partners in a divorce do not always agree to the separation. When this is the case, it can be contentious to proceed and move on to the next chapter of your life. To do so, you must make the divorce legal and official, but a resistant spouse may not comply with your efforts. Serving your ex with divorce papers is often the next step if he or she refuses to receive and sign them of their own accord. 

When your spouse is legally resistant to divorce proceedings, serving papers may not be the only struggle you encounter. Rather than face these obstacles alone, enlisting help from a legal professional can help you navigate your divorce in a way that minimizes conflict. 

How to prepare your finances for divorce

As you get ready to file for divorce from your spouse in Bellaire, do not forget to take some time to prepare yourself financially. You may have been married to your spouse for several years. During that time, you have mixed your income and finances. Now that you are leaving, you must do what is necessary to improve your own financial situation. 

A divorce decree does not eliminate any financial responsibilities you have with your partner. Once it is finalized by law, your creditors can still come after you for any joint debts and responsibilities that you and your spouse owe. Take a few moments to consider the following actions to prepare yourself for life as a divorcee. 


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