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Maintaining your relationship with your kids post-divorce

After they divorce, noncustodial parents who are not in regular possession of their children can struggle to remain connected to them. The problem many fathers face in these situations is that they may become increasingly estranged from their kids and not know how to get back on track.

Whatever the reasons for the estrangement — parental alienation by the child's other parent, distance, the child's resentment — the longer it goes on, the more challenging it is to mend the breach.

Divorce later in life brings some unique challenges

Perhaps you are contemplating ending your marriage after 20 or even 30 years. You and your spouse have entered the second half of your lives and now face some unique challenges.

Establishing two households and dividing an accumulation of assets may seem more daunting now than if you were still young with plenty of earning years in front of you.

3 financial considerations to make for divorce

It is a myth that half of all marriages end in divorce. In fact, millennials have caused the divorce rate to decline in Texas and around the country in recent years due to them marrying when they are older.

However, no matter how good a marriage seems, many couples still end up divorcing eventually. It is a big decision, one that you do not want to take lightly. Therefore, you need to make sure your financial accounts are in order before filing for divorce so you do not cause further stress. 

3 tips for smart social media usage amid divorce

These days, people rely on social media for everything from finding relationships to finding employment. If you are like many people across Texas, you may find yourself using social media multiple times throughout the day. While, in many cases, you can do so without causing too much trouble, using social media amid divorce can prove problematic if you are not careful about the things you post and how you interact with others.

In some cases, the things you post online during an ongoing divorce can come back to haunt you, so, generally speaking, the more you can abstain from using it entirely, the better off you may be. If abstaining from social media usage entirely until your divorce finalizes is simply not realistic for you, though, these three tips may help you avoid unnecessary social media conflict.

6 unwelcome financial surprises in store for divorcing women

The results of a study show that many women in the throes of ending their marriage or already divorced face surprises that threaten their financial wellbeing.

Here are study findings and six unwelcome financial surprises women most often encounter during the divorce process.

Working together as divorcing parents is important

Going through a divorce is not easy for adults. For children, it can be quite complex as well.

However, there are ways that divorcing parents can help make the process easier for the whole family. In particular, working together through and after the process can be quite beneficial.

Recognizing parental alienation

After divorce, you may believe that the fight is over. While this may prove true in some respects, when it comes to your children, things may get worse instead of better. If your divorce was particularly emotional and filled with conflict, you may find that co-parenting in the wake of it challenging.

If your ex is angry, you may start to notice your children’s behavior change. One of the possible side effects of a rough divorce is parental alienation. Learn about this phenomenon so you can spot the signs.

3 tips for coping successfully with life after divorce

A divorce is one of the most emotional events you will ever experience. You exist day by day until the divorce is final—and after that comes the rest of your life.

Whether you feel relief that the marriage is behind you or fear as you face the unknown, here are three tips to help you begin the new chapter in your life.

Key facts about pension division in divorce

Going through the divorce process can be strenuous and confusing. One of the most stressful aspects can be asset division.

If you or your ex-spouse has a pension plan in place, it is important to understand how the court views it in the divorce process. Here are a few key facts you should know.

How parental substance abuse affects children

When a parent has a problem with drugs or alcohol, it can impact the entire family. In many cases, when one party within a marriage struggles with abusing substances, it can ultimately lead to divorce. If you are among those who have recently split from a substance-abusing spouse, you may have valid concerns about your former partner’s ability to parent your shared child when you are not around.

While, in some cases, substance-abusing parents can make a clean break from their addictions and go on to be great parents. In other instances, it is the children of addicts who wind up struggling the most. Just how can parental drug addiction impact children?


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