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What happens when a Texas judge orders mediation

Unless you are filing for uncontested divorce, you can expect to spend some time in court. Unlike some other states, Texas law does not require divorcing couples to try mediation. While some Texas counties have this requirement, Harris County does not. However, the judge in your case can still order you to attend a number of mediation sessions.

If you receive such an order, it can help to understand how the process works and how you can benefit from it. If you are not able to resolve all disputes during mediation, you will continue with the litigation process.

Constructive fraud can affect property division in a divorce

You may not have heard of the term “constructive fraud,” but it may affect you. The effect may be fully on display when it comes to the property division phase of your divorce.

If you allege constructive fraud, your spouse bears the burden of having to prove you wrong.

Tips for minimizing anger in your divorce

Going through a divorce is a complicated and emotional time often fraught with a lot of conflict and anger. However, not all divorces have to be conflictual, and there are ways you can minimize the anger inherent in your divorce proceedings.

Even if you have been married for many years and your spouse is divorcing you against your wishes, there are practices you can put into action to help you move through this difficult time in the most harmonious way possible. One key is to find ways to emotionally detach from the decision-making process in your divorce.

The role of a prenuptial agreement in a Texas divorce

You may have signed a prenuptial agreement back in the days when the possibility of divorce seemed far removed from reality. Now, as you confront the imminence of divorce, you may wonder how the provisions in your prenup will affect important issues such as spousal support and property division.

Potential issues concerning a prenup can include questions of technical validity, fairness and interpretation of various provisions. Having an attorney review your document can help you better understand its effect on your divorce.

3 divorce tips for stay-at-home moms

As a stay-at-home mom, the thought of a divorce may make the future feel uncertain. You may not know how you are going to make ends meet when you and your husband split up.

You can have financial security after your divorce if you take certain steps. Document preparation, financial planning and fighting for support payments are crucial actions you should take before and during your divorce. 

6 common mistakes to avoid when you are facing divorce

When your marriage comes to an end, there are multiple emotions to manage, but you cannot let them interfere with divorce details.

Keep your financial future intact and avoid these six mistakes that might jeopardize everything you hope to gain in the divorce settlement.

3 things you did not know about divorcing in Texas

You may think you know divorce, whether you have parents or friends who have gone through it or you have researched how to start. While some aspects to divorce are very similar across states, some are special to your specific location.

Texas has its own quirks when it comes to divorce. They are important to know to help you navigate the end of your marriage.

Understanding grandparent rights in Texas

Parents strive to provide the best possible upbringing for their children. Sometimes that consists of exposing them to different situations and people, while other times it may require protecting them from specific people and certain instances.

In the event that your child's grandparent petitions for visitation rights, it is important to understand what the process may entail. There are a few key aspects to comprehend.

3 tips for dealing with a shocking divorce

When most people think about the possibility of getting a divorce in the future, they usually expect it to be a gradual process that comes with many warning signs. However, this is not always the reality. Sometimes, divorce comes as a complete surprise.

If you are dealing with the shock of receiving divorce papers, you may feel like your whole world is turning upside down. You are likely in a state of panic and confusion. Despite the turmoil you are experiencing right now, you can get through this with the right help. Here are some tips on how to handle a sudden divorce

4 most common gray divorce mistakes

The divorce rate among Americans over the age of 50 has skyrocketed in recent years. Data from the Pew Research Center shows the divorce rate among this demographic has nearly doubled since the 1990s. 

While divorce is roughly the same regardless of age, there can be key differences that alter the approach you need to take. Far too many people going through gray divorce make the following mistakes, which can significantly impact the outcome: 


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