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July 2014 Archives

Getting a divorce in Texas can go better if you follow these tips

When it comes to divorcing in Texas, there is a fact that must be faced: women often lose the most in a divorce. In spite of the recent upsurge in women's equality, women still make less money than men universally. Also, the majority of child-raising responsibilities often fall to women after a divorce, and it goes without saying that high costs come along with them. It is common for the standard of living to go down significantly for women after a divorce as well.

Columbus Short interviewed about divorce and Texas arrest

Columbus Short, an actor who has appeared on "Scandal," has been going through a rather trying time as of late. This most recently manifested itself in an arrest that was made in Texas. It happened during the holiday weekend for the Fourth of July, and he was picked up for being drunk in public.

Paternity for famous basketball player at issue in Texas

It doesn't matter if you are a celebrity, a famous athlete or just a regular person, paternity must be proven by a DNA test. Accepting responsibility for a child is a big step and one that must not be taken lightly. In the case of Paul George, a National Basketball Association player for the Indiana Pacers, it seems he has admitted that he has a child that he wants to accept full responsibility for.

Deion Sanders has not paid the $250,000 owed from his divorce

Deion Sanders, a National Football League star that many fans in Texas will be very familiar with, divorced his wife back in 2011. The divorce did get to be a bit complicated when Sanders first started the process in September. He then talked about how the couple would stay together. Later, he admitted that the two would be splitting up in December. At the end of the whole thing, though, Sanders and his wife finalized the divorce, and Sanders got custody of his children.


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