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Father of popular singer hit with second paternity suit

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2014 | Paternity

Court documents filed in Harris County, Texas, allege that the father of popular singer Beyoncé Knowles is going to be a father once again. According to the paternity suit, a 30-year-old Houston area woman is claiming that Matthew Knowles fathered a child with her back in 2010. In her lawsuit, the woman has requested DNA testing of the 63-year-old suspected father in order to establish paternity.

The woman has also asked Knowles to begin providing child support for the daughter they allegedly share, and for Knowles to compensate her for her attorney’s fees in pursuing the paternity action.

This is not the first time Matthew Knowles has been accused of fathering a child with a woman other than his former wife. In fact, it is believed that Knowles’ 30-year marriage to Beyoncé’s mother came to an end after it was revealed that Knowles had fathered a son with a 43-year-old actress. That revelation first came to light in 2010 after the woman filed a paternity suit against Knowles. That lawsuit gained traction after Knowles admitted his parentage and by February 2013, Knowles was being court ordered to pay $2,485 per month in child support. That amounts had originally been near $12,000 per month, but had been reduced as a result of the Knowles declining income over the years.

In Texas, laws have been established that allow either the mother or the father of a child to initiate paternity testing. This is important because once paternity is established the other parent will be responsible for helping to pay for half of an uninsured child’s health insurance. That is why it is important for any party who believes they share parentage of a child to act quickly. Each day that passes where the paternity of a child has not been legally established is another day that child can potentially go without adequate financial support.

Source: New York Daily News, “Beyonce’s dad Mathew Knowles hit with second paternity suit” Zaydra Rivera, Jul. 08, 2014


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