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October 2015 Archives

Things to consider before requesting alimony from your spouse

Couples who are divorcing will address a number of legal issues before everything is finalized and they go their separate ways. It is likely that one spouse will be considering requesting alimony when the couple chooses to move forward with the divorce. While alimony is very helpful to those who need it, it is not always awarded when it is requested. For that reason, spouses should ask themselves a few questions before they request alimony from their spouse.

How do adjudicated and presumed fathers differ?

Children deserve to have both parents present as they grow into adults. Sometimes, however, for varying reasons, they miss out on the chance to develop a relationship with their fathers because the men are absent from their lives. Knowing that some men actually do not want to be a part of their child's life, when a man takes responsibility, it can be of great benefit for the mother to encourage involvement. Based on the relationship the man and child have, the man will fall under one of two types of fathers.

A visitation attorney can help you get time with your child

Parents who are not in a relationship or married can often disagree on how to handle issues regarding their child. What one may feel is a smart, fair decision, the other may dispute. When people are angry, there is no way of knowing how they may react or what they will do in retaliation. Since parents can get emotional during a disagreement over their children, it is not uncommon for one or both to take their dispute to court.

Adoption requirements for singles and couples in Texas

As time goes by, families may experience a number of legal issues. No family is perfect, so it is not surprising that some people end up in court when they are having a disagreement or dispute over something. Child custody and support are common family legal matters that parents will need to address when they're children are under their care, but for some people, their struggle may be with getting a child. Since adoption isn't as easy as signing a paper and agreeing to care for a child, singles and couples looking to adopt have to meet certain criteria before the state allows them to adopt a child.

Do I have to receive alimony as monthly payments?

When people decide to end their marriage, it is likely that one or both of them will consider requesting spousal support. The topic of alimony isn't always a light subject for divorcing couple to discuss because they may feel differently about it. Depending on how each spouse feels about this, it could quickly turn into a nasty, heated debate, especially if one spouse disagrees with the other's determination that they deserve alimony.

Defenses spouses can use against a divorce filing

Divorce is not always something both spouses agree upon. Just because one spouse wants to end the marriage doesn't necessarily mean the other spouse feels the same. If one spouse has chosen to file for divorce, the spouse not wanting to end the marriage could create a problem because they may try to fight the filing. However, they are only allowed to use certain defenses when trying to stop the divorce proceedings and stay married to their spouse.

Chris Brown wins joint custody of daughter

Child custody is not an easy issue for parents to deal with because they don't always agree on things. What one parent may feel is fair, the other may not agree with, which may lead to the courts deciding for them. While parents may depend on the courts to make a decision that is in their favor, it is something that doesn't always happen. This could leave parents angry, bitter and eager to continue to engage in a battle for custody they may lose again.

File a paternity action to establish parentage

Not every couple that has a child together can fully trust each other to not get emotional and lash out should the relationship come to an end. When people get angry or upset, they may try to use their children to get back at the other parent. Sometimes, this can involve keeping the child from their father and making it difficult for them to develop a relationship. One way fathers can attempt to avoid this issue is by filing a paternity action.

How alimony can help the receiving spouse

Couples who are divorcing dispute over various issues for long and short periods of time. In some situations, one spouse may be surprised by the other because of what they are requesting of them and find it unfair, which is what can lead to the disputes. One of these surprising issues couples may disagree and dispute over is alimony.

What are common family law issues attorneys may assist with?

All around the United States there are families dealing with a number of problems on a daily basis. Whether it is child custody disputes, disagreements about alimony or difficulty adopting a child, it is common for families to experience some type of legal issue at some point. When this happens, people often look to attorneys to help with the many family law issues they may be experiencing.


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