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September 2010 Archives

Love is a Battlefield: Learn How to Fight

With the divorce rate as high as it is, there is no question that marriages are plagued by arguments. But if you think about when you said "I do," you likely knew that the road ahead was not bound to be perfect. Marriage is about the better and the worse, and a recent study shows that it is not whether a marriage has more of the worse than the better that determines whether the union will last, but it is how a couple works through the worse that predicts their success.

"Mad Men" Star Elisabeth Moss Seeks Happiness Through Divorce

Not even one year ago, Elisabeth Moss, 28, and Fred Armisen, 43, were married. Moss described the proposal from the "Saturday Night Live" cast member as "perfect," and they were married in front of their loved ones after having dated each other for less than a year.

Texas Child Custody Turned Missing Persons Case Comes to an End

Every parent has his or her reason to believe that they are the best caretaker of their child, and those feelings are passionately held. In the instance of a well-known Texas case, it turns out that a father was so sure that he should have had custody of his son that he disappeared with the boy for 17 years.

Paternity Lawsuit Ends Favorably for Mother

Family law is an ever-changing field as time passes because the norms of starting a family are changing. A lesbian mother from California who recently fought a paternity suit is a prime example of today's progressive family. In order to keep identities private, we will not use names, but the mother wanted to have a child through artificial insemination and, therefore, found a willing donor.

Texas Mom and International Dad Dispute Child Custody

It seems like it must be a frustrating back and forth child custody dispute between a Texas mother and Mexican/French father for all involved. Which parent is in the right is up for a judge to decide, but for the sake of the 11-year-old child involved in the disagreement, the majority of the international public who has been following this family law controversy hopes that a final decision will soon be made.

"Law & Order" Creator's Ex Wants Fair Share of Assets

The creator of the "Law & Order" franchise was divorced from his ex-wife in 2005, but that ending of their 22 years of marriage actually did not end there. According to sources, a dispute over the couple's division of marital property has recently developed. The ex-wife is not, however, going after her ex-husband in the dispute; she is suing the parties responsible for handling the couple's assets during their marriage.

Husband Seeks Divorce Based on Wife's Cancer Lie

There are obviously a lot of emotions that go into the decision to marry -- and divorce. A young couple recently married soon after the husband, Mr. O., learned that his then girlfriend and mother of their child was diagnosed with cancer. Such news sometimes makes couples feel that the time is now and that a wedding is the right decision, but in this case, the diagnosis that likely led to the May nuptials is now the issue that is tearing the newlyweds apart.

Texas Court Tells Same-Sex Couple That Divorce is Not an Option

Under Texas law, a marriage is not legal if it is not a union between a man and a woman. Same-sex marriages are not recognized in the state. That debate has gone on within the state for some time, and voters chose to ban gay marriage in 2005.

McCourt Divorce Court: Dodgers-Ownership Debate Continues

Frank and Jamie McCourt, a high-profile, California couple, are finally in court in order to settle what has been the trickiest aspect of their divorce: Who will own the Dodgers once the divorce is completely over with?


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