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November 2012 Archives

In-law relationships could be one indicator of marital harmony

According to a 26-year longitudinal study conducted by a psychologist and research professor from University of Michigan, an individual's relationship with the in-laws can actually be rather telling. After following 373 couples over the course of the study, the author of this study found that there were some interesting correlations between divorce rates and relationships with an individual's spouse's parents.

Keeping the holidays happy for children of divorce

Regardless of if a divorce is recent or has been finalized for years, there are some exes in Houston that will never get along and never want to get along. The holidays can be a difficult time when exes have to negotiate sharing the children.

Update: Texas mother loses custody and flees with daughter

Thankfully, the little girl that was taken by her mother last week has been found and is in good health. In fact, she was found within the same day that the Amber Alert was issued. Reportedly, when Child Protective Services arrived at the Texas home of the mother of the 11-year-old little girl, the mother attempted to prevent the removal of her daughter by fleeing after trying to hit a Child Protective Services worker with her vehicle.

Thousands of Texas women left without health insurance post-divorce

Whether a divorce in Houston is contentious or relatively amicable, the issues at the forefront of most divorcing individuals' minds are child custody and property division. Ho often will I see my children? Who will get custody? Will I get to keep the house? How will I budget for this new single life?

Houston judge says surrogate is mother

Typically questions of parenthood, and any ensuing rights and responsibilities, hinge on paternity. Rarely is there a question regarding the rightful mother of a child. However, this blog recently detailed a Houston custody battle ensuing between a man and a woman regarding twins born in July of this year, and the question of whether or not the woman that birthed the twins had parental rights.

Does Harris County need a designated neutral child exchange location?

We have reiterated time and time again throughout this blog exactly how difficult child custody can be in Texas. Some couples can split amicably and there are no subsequent problems in collaborating on an agreement for child custody and visitation. However, for others in Texas, child custody it is an entirely different story, and often the most contentious aspect of a couple's split. For some, even thinking about an ex feels excruciating, much less seeing them to exchange the child for visitation rights.

How can remarrying in Texas affect the terms of my divorce?

Owing to the fact that so many marriages end in divorce, there is a large sample of data in which to analyze patterns of marriage, divorce and remarriage across Texas. For example, it is estimated that about half of all marriages across the country, including in Texas, will end in divorce. Further, about 75 percent of individuals in Texas that divorce will go on to take a new spouse after divorcing. Beyond the numbers, the bottom line is that everyone seeks a fulfilling and happy relationship. However, it can be very difficult to communicate to an ex that an individual is remarrying.

Older couples divorcing in Texas on the rise

Earlier this week, we blogged on helping an adult child cope with the end of the long-term marriage of their parents in Texas. This unique need is arising out of the increase of what is known as "gray divorce."According to a study conducted by sociologists at Bowling Green State University, while divorce rates have been slowly declining since their height around 30 years ago, the rate of gray divorce, couples with partners ages 50 years or older parting ways, has more than doubled over the last 20 years.


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