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February 2012 Archives

Child custody dispute between Grammers is settled

It isn't fresh news that Kelsey and Camille Grammer have called it quits. Reality TV fans saw the divorce coming if they watched "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Kelsey had found love elsewhere during his marriage to Camille, and he now has a new family.

Facebook comment about divorce sparks free speech debate

The popularity of Facebook is astronomical. When most of us are not using our computers for work, we take our free moments to update our statuses or check in on our friends online. One man in the process of divorce reportedly included a status update that didn't sit well with his estranged wife or a judge involved with their case.

Texas county exemplifies February's high divorce rate

It's already been a week since Valentine's Day. Hopefully, the day brought you and your loved one some much needed romance and fun. Maybe you even got engaged or said "I do" on the national day of romance. Love is not in the air, however, for everyone on the supposedly special day.

The need for paternity tests is not rare

When some think of paternity tests, they might think of the scandalous TV show Maury, in which he's always consoling distraught mothers over their fears that they have identified the wrong man as the father of their children. But the need to verify paternity doesn't just exist in the daytime TV world.

Divorce pending for Yankees GM

Readers in the Houston area may be interested to hear that the general manager of the New York Yankees is in the news for being unfaithful to his wife again. This time the story has an interesting twist in that the other woman was allegedly blackmailing the husband, and was recently charged in criminal court with extortion of more than $6,000. This is how the media got a hold of the story, and after digging deeper, the infidelity was exposed. One day before the other woman was arrested and charged, the GM's wife filed divorce papers.

Reformers push for modifications to alimony laws

In Texas and many states across the country, alimony laws are long-established and attempt to ensure the support of one spouse after a divorce. But many states are considering and embracing reforms to those laws. Advocates of the changes argue that alimony laws as they currently exist are outdated and do not reflect the nature of modern day marriage and divorce.

Study suggests divorce may be easier on older couples

Getting out of a marriage is a decision that few people take lightly. There's a relationship there to protect, sometimes children involved and financial security to think about. But for many couples every year, the benefits of getting a divorce outweigh the cons and they move forward with that emotional life decision.


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