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December 2012 Archives

Does your ex know all your passwords?

There have been numerous instances in which we have detailed on this blog the manner in which ever-evolving technology is having a significant impact on the divorce proceedings of Texas couples. Very recently, we blogged about an out-of-state father that may be denied a child support modification because of the content he posted to his Facebook page.

Mother seeks visitation modification for dying child

In Texas, there must be significant evidence that there is a substantial change in circumstances which would necessitate the modification of an existing child custody or visitation arrangement. It can be difficult to obtain such a modification, particularly if an individual is attempting to do so without experienced legal counsel.

Houston man finds out wife has 3 other husbands

Some divorces can be finalized in the absence of litigation through a no-fault divorce, which means that the couple agrees on every issue regarding property division, children, debts and everything else pertaining to the end of the marriage. However, this is the exception rather than the norm as most splitting couples disagree on significant issues relating to a divorce.

Facebook may out father trying to dodge child support

In Texas, the terms of a divorce can be modified under certain circumstances. If a spouse remarries, if a parent relocates, if a child turns 18 or there is a significant change in a spouse's income there can be grounds for modification of alimony or child support payments that are court ordered.

Everything's bigger in Texas, except child support

With so much at stake for both the parents and children involved, a child support court decision can shape the personal and financial landscape of many people for years, if not decades, to come. While some non-custodial parents may fight or ignore their required payments, others often take direct legal action in order to lower or limit the amount which they pay each month. For one NBA All-Star that fight paid off earlier this month.

Father seeks custody of child deceitfully adopted

A member of the Army and his wife were living in Texas when his wife discovered that she was with child. The couple attended doctor visits together and the father was excited to have another child. The drill sergeant accepted a position out of state and then martial discord ensued. The wife mentioned the possibility of terminating the pregnancy or giving the child up for adoption, but the father would not consent to those things. The wife was supposed to move to the state he was in after giving birth.


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