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February 2013 Archives

Divorcing seniors get retirement ready in Texas

We have previously touched on the fact that "gray divorce" is on the rise across the nation, including here in Texas. This phenomenon of a marked increase in couples that are 50 or older ending their marriage has doubled since 1990. In 2010, it is estimated that a quarter of all divorces were gray divorces.

Strengthening the father-daughter relationship following divorce

All parents want their children to be happy. The largest stressor for most parents in Texas in contemplating whether or not to end a marriage in which the parent is no longer happy is often the question of how it will impact the children. Divorce is never entirely easy for either spouse or for the children. Further, child custody is often the most contentious aspect of many Texas divorces. But a divorce does not have to be ugly, and does not have to mean children that will grow up to be unhappy.

Valentine's Day can highlight problems for some couples in Texas

Walking through the aisles of convenience stores and grocery stores in Houston and elsewhere across Texas, there are end caps with big bins of Valentine's Day candy with a sign slapped to the front that advertises 50 percent off. The sale candy seems to mirror the feeling of dissatisfaction that many feel every year following this day that is supposed to be spent with a beloved partner. For many couples in Texas, this day that is meant to be dedicated to the person you love can highlight tensions and stress within a relationship.

High conflict Texas divorces can exact high emotional toll

Last week we posted about methods through which Texas couples that are looking to quickly part ways and are largely in agreement on the terms of a divorce can end their marital union in an uncontested divorce. While in an ideal world where a marriage no longer functions as the spouses would like, both parties can part on amicable terms and remain cordial for the sake of any children, this is not always the case. Some divorces are a far cry from uncontested.

Online dating profile can mean courtroom trouble in Texas divorce

It is not unusual for an individual to begin seeking a significant romantic connection with someone new in the wake of a divorce. However, doing so prematurely can serve to hurt individuals going through a divorce in Houston.

Compromising for success in an uncontested Texas divorce

Divorce is never easy for any couple in Texas, but not everyone is looking to "get back" at their ex through drawn out litigation. In many instances, couples in Houston and elsewhere across Texas that are choosing to part paths have children and both want to play a significant role in their children's lives. Further, raising kids is expensive and prolonged litigation in a family courtroom often means a major expense.

Former same-sex couple battle over visitation rights in Texas

A battle for visitation rights is unfolding in Dallas between two women that were formerly partners. The couple was together in a committed relationship for seven years when they decided to raise a child together. One woman carried and birthed the child, but then about a year after the little boy was born, the couple split up.

Man sues wife's church for allegedly helping with their divorce

The decision to file for divorce can take an extreme amount of thought and wading through one's emotions. Texas residents who are going through one themselves likely understand the kind of conflicting emotions that come up when deciding to end your marriage. One man is making national headlines recently due to the allegations he is making against his wife's church, saying that her decision to leave him in 2012 was not entirely of her own accord.

Father to be reunited with his child after painful custody battle

Child custody is a contentious issue for both married and unmarried couples. In other instances, disputes surrounding child custody can also occur between adoptive parents and biological parents as well. Whatever the circumstances, a family law attorney can serve as an advocate for an individual looking to protect the best interest of a child.


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