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Man sues wife’s church for allegedly helping with their divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2013 | Divorce

The decision to file for divorce can take an extreme amount of thought and wading through one’s emotions. Texas residents who are going through one themselves likely understand the kind of conflicting emotions that come up when deciding to end your marriage. One man is making national headlines recently due to the allegations he is making against his wife’s church, saying that her decision to leave him in 2012 was not entirely of her own accord.

While it can seem bizarre, such allegations may not stem from a place all too unfamiliar to many divorcees. The man explains that he doesn’t believe the church to have entirely influenced his wife, but their support in the matter and actions they took to help her made the decision to divorce more available to her. The members of the church reportedly were there to move her things out of their home and were encouraging of such a move, which her husband doesn’t think would have happened without that kind of opportunity.

The man’s lawsuit also has mention of the relationship between the pastor of the church and his wife. According to the suit, there had been numerous visits of the pastor at their home and even on vacation with them, at the wife’s request. The church has reportedly moved to dismiss the case and disagreed with the accusations from the lawsuit. The couple had been married for 28 years.

While it is unsure what will come of this lawsuit, couples in Texas who are going through a difficult or contested divorce may want to work with an attorney. As you begin to start this process, it can be as taxing mentally as it is emotional and having someone there who fully understands the different options available to you could help as you and your former spouse work through the details of your separation.

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