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May 2011 Archives

Divorce study reveals long commute could mean short marriage

Enduring congested traffic and traveling long distances are realities for many Texas workers. And a unique new study has revealed that long commutes and frequent business trips may be driving some couples to separation and divorce. Researchers speculate that prolonged separation caused by a demanding work schedule and long commute times may increase your risk of divorce by as much as forty percent. Sources assert that this statistic does not mean that couples should rush to leave their jobs or find a new employer. In many cases, there are underlying factors that cause the partners to split. For couples who are experiencing troubles in their relationship, however, the long hours spent apart from one another can act as a catalyst for separation.

Murder doesn't alter wife's rights to marital assets post divorce

"I find that the marriage is irretrievably broken," ruled a judge last week in a nationally notable divorce case. We have written about supposed "irreconcilable differences" on this family law blog before. But this out-of-state case provides an extreme example of a circumstance that would make any marriage unbearable.

Schwarzenegger's 10-year paternity secret too much for Shriver

In a shocking statement released by former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the world learned that the action film star fathered a child with a member of his household staff nearly a decade ago. It is believed that the former governor's admission of paternity will potentially initiate divorce proceedings to end his and his wife's 25-year marriage. Schwarzenegger's wife, Maria Shriver, reportedly moved out of the couple's mansion after hearing the news. Schwarzenegger said that he understood the anger and disappointment that his wife, children and friends were feeling and that he was going to take full responsibility for his actions. Although formal divorce proceedings have not yet commenced, the couple's separation was made public last week.

Disappoint on Mother's Day? Your wife might feel urge to stray

Did you buy your wife flowers on Mother's Day? How about a box of chocolates? Maybe you went all out and reserved her a trip to the local day spa.But if you did nothing, you might want to watch out. Your wife might have thoughts of having an affair or getting a divorce on her mind.At least that's the message from a now-notorious website The business gets clients with its controversial slogan, "Life is short. Have an affair," and reported that more than 52,000 moms across the country signed up for its online dating service the day after Mother's Day.

Mom's breast cancer supports court's controversial custody ruling

A ruling that was recently handed down by a judge in an out-of-state family law case has received a lot of attention due to the implication that the health status of a parent can play a substantial role in determining which parent will be granted custody. The case involves a divorce and child custody battle between a healthy father and a mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Under the Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act, judges are permitted to take numerous factors into consideration when determining child custody decisions. Among the relevant factors are the physical and mental health statuses of the parents. However, the court's ultimate purpose is to determine custody matters in accordance with the best interests of the children.

Sports lockouts could make losing team out of kids and exes

When we hear about the current and potential future contract negotiations among the NFL and NBA, we tend to only see the athletes and organizational leaders as the effected parties. Recent reports, however, identify a less-obvious effect that possible lockouts might have in regards to family law.

Marie gets married, to her first husband for second time

There are cynics in this world, and then there are optimists. The news that music star Marie Osmond has remarried a man she has already divorced in her life seems to have revealed the identities of the cynics and optimists out there. Or, perhaps, too many people still look at divorce as a negative without giving that stigma enough thought.

Should public opinion matter regarding child custody trends?

Sources report that a new study related to family law will be published in this month's Psychology, Public Policy, and Law journal. The study reportedly reveals the U.S. public's perception of and hopes for the family law system in regard to child custody decisions.


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