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Divorce study reveals long commute could mean short marriage

On Behalf of | May 31, 2011 | Divorce

Enduring congested traffic and traveling long distances are realities for many Texas workers. And a unique new study has revealed that long commutes and frequent business trips may be driving some couples to separation and divorce. Researchers speculate that prolonged separation caused by a demanding work schedule and long commute times may increase your risk of divorce by as much as forty percent.

Sources assert that this statistic does not mean that couples should rush to leave their jobs or find a new employer. In many cases, there are underlying factors that cause the partners to split. For couples who are experiencing troubles in their relationship, however, the long hours spent apart from one another can act as a catalyst for separation.

The study found that the risk of separation was at its peak during the first few months when one or both of the partners began a time intensive commute. Couples who have been exposed to long commuting patterns for a long duration of time were less likely to be affected by this phenomenon.

According to the study, this issue isn’t remedied by working from home or telecommuting. Allegedly, constant exposure to a spouse can be more stressful on the couple than spending long periods of time away from one another. In cases where one partner switched from a long commute to telecommuting from home, the risk of separation increased exponentially since dramatic shifts and changes have the potential to place an increased amount of strain on a marriage.

So, it sounds like when it comes to work commutes and marriage, it’s sort of a Goldilocks scenario. A couple needs to find the amount of time together and away that is just right for their relationship.

Do you have any experience with this issue in your marriage? Have you seen this supposed reality about work and divorce play out in other relationships? Your thoughts and pieces of advice are welcome on this blog.


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