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October 2010 Archives

Women's Marriage and Divorce Trends Change in U.S.

"Times are changing." Every generation says that about one thing or another in its life. For those who were born in the 70's, a recent Pew Research Center study shows that the real change of their generation is the shift in marriage trends compared to prior generations.

Facebook Has Texas Mother Facing the Music Over Child Custody

The world of technology has opened up many doors of opportunity, whether for business or personal purposes. With every gift, however, comes a downfall, and for one Texas mother, her use of Facebook has come back to blow up in her face. Her ex used evidence from the social media site as a way to convince a judge that the mother was unfit to parent. According to Dallas sources, a couple's divorce led to a grueling custody battle over their son. Now five years old, the son will be under the primary custody of his father due to incriminating information about the mother that was posted on Facebook. What is important for everyone to remember is that items posted on social networking sites are not private, and they do not disappear. What is shared, therefore, is fair game in legal circumstances.

Texas Mom Loses Custody of Child Due to Alleged Medical Neglect

A family struggling with its daughter's rare blood disorder faces a new, different kind of struggle. The ill child's mother was told last week that Texas authorities have decided to take custody of her daughter. According to reports, the authorities cite evidence of neglect as the reason behind stripping the mother, at least temporarily, of child custody.

Why Paternity Didn't Matter in Texas Child Custody Case: Part Two

The last post ended with a question about a recent ruling in a Texas family law case. A non-biological father was granted custody of his daughter after a judge decided it was the best decision for the child in the middle of the family dispute. The grandmother believes that because a paternity test proved that Mr. G. is not the father, then the child should be placed with a blood-related relative. But why did the judge rule otherwise?

Why Paternity Didn't Matter in Texas Child Custody Case: Part One

It is general knowledge that courts have often favored mothers in family law disputes involving the wellbeing of children. But a move toward protecting fathers' rights has been on the rise and worked to award more fathers the chance to care for their children after being given a fair shot in child custody cases.

U.S. Challenges Japan over Child Custody Interference

It is not often when international issues are discussed on this blog, but a recent move by the United States House of Representatives brings family law standards in Japan into the American forefront. According to sources, there are parents in the U.S. who are being denied parental rights to their children because their exes have taken the kids to Japan after divorce. U.S. representatives are calling Japan out and saying that it is expected that the child custody challenge that exists between the U.S. and Japan must be addressed.

Prenups Can Help Couple's Avoid Hostile, Expensive Divorces

Sure, it doesn't sound romantic to talk about a prenuptial agreement before walking down the aisle, but it looks like more people are looking beyond the romantic notion of marriage and using reason to prepare for and protect their financial futures from divorce.

Heart Member Has a Change of Heart and Files for Divorce

With the divorce rate being what it is, the public is rarely shocked anymore to hear that a couple is getting a divorce. A recent divorce announcement, however, has caught many off guard - the many people who are devoted romantics and found hope in the works of both Nancy Wilson of Heart and Cameron Crow, the director of "Jerry McGuire."


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