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What are common matters discussed during a divorce?

As the years go by, the divorce rate in the United States continues to increase. Some people may be under the impression that simply filing and signing divorce papers means the end to all of their issues with their spouse, but that is not the case. Due to the various matters needing to be discussed during a divorce, the process is rarely easy for the parties involved.

Why you should hire a child custody lawyer

When getting divorced or ending a domestic relationship where there are children involved, the discussion over child custody, or conservatorship, will follow. The start of a child custody dispute may call for the help of a Texas child custody lawyer. In that case, attorneys at the Law Office of Nancy H. Boler are available to assist those in the Houston area who are in the midst of a custody battle.

How courts determine the amount of alimony a spouse receives

When getting divorced, couples will discuss various issues with their attorneys including spousal support. This specific topic will be brought up after one spouse makes the request to receive alimony from the other spouse. It is common for one party to request alimony, especially if they made the decision to not work and stay home to support the family, while the other worked. While alimony is awarded in an attempt to limit the financial effects of divorce, there is much to be examined before it can be awarded to the spouse requesting it.

States find joint-custody to be the best option for children

As the divorce rate in the United States continues to climb, so does the number of family law cases that courts are seeing. As the family law cases increase, more parents will be seen in the court rooms fighting for custody over their children. Although many parents don't want to share custody of their children, it was recently pointed out that in some states, such as Wisconsin, the courts feel that joint custody is the best arrangement.

What is spousal support and which spouse is it awarded to?

When two people are going through the process of getting a divorce, they are to divide any assets that they may have acquired during their marriage. In some divorces, the residual assets may be enough for each spouse to live off, but in others it may not. When this happens, one party may requestspousal supportt, also known as spousal maintenance or alimony.

Filing a paternity action suit to establish parentage

Establishing parentage is not only important to the parents, but to the child as well, especially since they need to be cared for by both mother and father. With a child needing both its parents to be present in the life, a paternity test may be required to help define who the father is so both parents can equally share responsibility for their child and build a healthy relationship with them.

Survey says Facebook leads to arguments and divorce

A lot of Texas couples that are divorcing might have Facebook to blame, according to the results of a recent survey. The survey, which looked at answers to social media-related questions from 2,000 married British people, found that sites like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat were causing a lot of conflict in marriages.

Changes in custody arrangements

As Texas parents who are going through a divorce may know, child custody is granted by the court and aims at providing what is best for the child. As time passes, parental circumstances may change. For instance, the custodial parent may not be able to take care of the child, or the noncustodial parent may find the visitation schedule difficult to meet. In such circumstances, one or both parents may wish to make changes to the original custody order. This may be done, but a new court order is needed.


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