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Protecting The Rights Of Your Child

In Texas, family law judges place the highest priority on protecting the children’s best interests during divorce. Even so, kids are likely to suffer the harshest consequences of a divided family. When issues of possession (custody) and access (visitation) arise, parents often have a difficult time setting their egos aside and doing what is truly best for their children’s welfare.

Protecting your children’s rights is perhaps the most complex aspect of divorce. Drawing up plans to share time with your children can be difficult to comprehend. However, with the help of an experienced Texas child custody attorney, you can find a possession and access plan that best suits your family situation.

I have more than 20 years of experience handling issues such as possession and access laws in courts throughout the Houston metro area. I will help you keep your children’s welfare as the top priority throughout your divorce.

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A divorce will legally terminate the marital relationship between you and your spouse. A divorce should not, however, terminate the relationship between you and your children.

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