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Division of Marital Debt

People facing divorce in Texas often forget that debt accumulated over the duration of the marriage is likely to be considered marital property, subject to equitable distribution between the divorcing spouses. Texas is a no-fault divorce state. Even if one party shares substantial blame for the divorce, the other spouse cannot necessarily avoid all responsibility for the accumulated debt.

If you reside in Texas and marital debt will be a significant component of your pending divorce, talk to me about options to protect yourself. I have been handling complex Texas divorce property and debt settlement issues for more than 20 years. I can help you understand the laws about debt and how to move forward with your financial interests intact.

I have an office in Bellaire, Texas, but I represent people in divorce and other family law matters throughout the Houston metro. Call toll free at 866-627-7128 or locally at 832-539-4689 for a free initial consultation with an experienced Texas marital debt attorney today. You may also go to my contact page to submit an email form with details about your legal needs.

Marital debt and financial problems are the leading causes people cite when filing for divorce. Before you panic, let’s sit down together to review your circumstances and best options for getting through your divorce without a heavy debt load. There are often trade-offs and strategies that work out well over the long run.

I have experience helping people through complex divorce issues in Texas courts, including:.

  • Credit card debt obligations
  • Mortgage and auto loan contracts
  • Tax debt obligations
  • Business debt
  • Divorce and bankruptcy
  • Tax obligations on divorce property settlements
  • Temporary orders for meeting debt obligations
  • Alimony and taxes
  • Community and separate debt obligations
  • Tax debt consequences on retirement funds

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