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April 2012 Archives

Sanders' Texas divorce escalates into domestic violence matter

We have written about the acrimonious divorce between ex-football star Deion Sanders and his estranged wife Pilar on this blog before. Deion filed for divorce in December, and since then, the celebrity split has grown into a more dramatic, heated process by the day.

In Texas, a paternity test shall set you free, sort of

Finding out you are a parent can be the best, most exciting news of your life. For many supposed fathers, however, that news takes on some serious consequences. Children are born outside of marriages and from one-night flings all of the time. That one night can mean a lifetime of owed child support for a biological father.

Love and marriage is transforming to love and children

In the past on this family law blog, we have discussed the changing trends of the family in the United States. Fewer people are getting married these days. Couples are waiting longer to tie the knot. And part of that reality is that many couples choose to cohabitate without having gotten married.

England's divorce process proves it's good to split in the U.S.

Texas, along with every other state in the U.S., now allows no-fault divorces. That essentially means that divorcing parties don't need to prove to a court that a divorce is reasonable. The dissolution of a marriage can be granted without listing reasons why the marriage won't work.

Did you remember to change car insurance after divorce?

When one makes the decision to get a divorce, that decision is the first step of many that will actually make the split official. There are decision regarding child custody, property division, alimony and more that can make moving on with one's life feel like the most difficult thing they've ever done.

Religious differences widen the divide in divorce

When couples with children divorce, each parent has an idea of the lessons they want the children to continue to learn throughout their lives. For many, reaching a compromise on these matters is difficult even when the couple stays together, but when the family is split apart because of a child custody arrangement, things can get even trickier. When primary custody is granted to one parent, that parent often assumes that they have the right to raise the children with whatever values and religion they believe is appropriate. However, in one recent case, religion was a sticking point in the child custody agreement. Although the mother was given primary custody, the divorce agreement stated that major religious decisions were to be discussed by both parents before things moved forward.


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