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December 2011 Archives

Understanding the tax implications of divorce

Everyone knows divorce can be sticky emotionally, but the economics of divorce can get tricky too, especially when checks are still being written to an ex-spouse after a divorce is final. Depending on how the money is allocated, there are different tax implications for both the recipient and the payer. As part of a divorce settlement, a family law court may ask one of the spouses to pay spousal support (aka alimony), child support, or both.

Strategies to get through the holiday as family of divorce

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are an estimated 4 million divorced parents in the U.S. With the holiday season upon us, it's worthwhile to explore the topic of how some sources recommended that divorced families work through the holidays with the kids in mind.

Parents of Beyonce finalize their Texas divorce

Diva pop star Beyonce Knowles is seemingly at a great point in her life. Her career is booming, and she is expecting her first child with equally successful rap star Jay Z. But life is complicated, and while her family life is at a positive point, her parents' marriage is reportedly officially over.

Priscilla got more than blue suede shoes out of divorce from Elvis

Okay, so maybe there were no blue suede shoes to be had as part of their marital property division, but there was plenty more for Elvis and Priscilla Presley to divide when they got divorced. And now, thanks to a recent auction, we know what some of those specific property division details are.

With troops coming home, more military homes turn to divorce

It is undoubtedly good news that troops are coming home from serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. That means that more and more American servicemembers are safe at home. Their families can breathe heavy sighs of relief that they are reunited with their brave loved ones.

Laying the groundwork for post-holiday divorce, part 1

Some spouses often just want to keep as much peace as possible in their families over the holidays, and even if they have been thinking strongly about divorce, many of them think they can handle one last holiday season with their spouse. But for many of the unhappily married, the need to file for divorce comes soon after the holiday festivities are over. January is reported as the month when most file for divorce.

Texas judge rules in favor of transgender man in divorce case

In recent years, the passionate debate regarding same-sex marriage and divorce has occupied the discussions of people in Texas and around the country. It's an emotional, personal and often religious matter that is in the crucial process of being ironed out throughout or country.


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