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April 2011 Archives

Source says Dodgers decision wasn't about divorce but business

We have covered the divorce drama that's taken place between Frank and Jamie McCourt on this blog before. It's been at the center of not only family law news, but it's made its way into sports news as well due to the ownership of the Dodgers MLB team.

Texas considers revoking marriage rights of transgendered people

Most states let transgendered people marry. Texas is one of these states - for now. For example, once a man undergoes an official sex change to become a woman, marrying a man is possible as long as a court order verifies the sex change. Now, that family law in the state is possibly about to change.

Did pastor help in same-sex child custody kidnapping scandal?

We have discussed heated child custody battles on this family law blog before. And usually, those involved in such family law dilemmas are only parents. But in a child custody case that has garnered national attention, a pastor is now required to testify in court, as he is suspected of wrongdoing surrounding the kidnapping of a child.

King of paternity drama, Maury Povich recalls unique cases

Maybe you are past the point in your life now when you would tune into daytime TV drama. But a popular host of daytime TV, Maury Povich, recently brought up paternity cases he's covered on his show that leave even the biggest TV snob scratching his or her head in wonder.

How alleged belly dancing got one divorcee in trouble

Have you recently taken up a new leisurely activity? For the general public, entertaining a new hobby is no big deal - it's admirable. Such new ventures provide the technologically savvy folk plenty of fodder to fill their blogs or other social networking spaces with.

Former 'American Idol' judge Cowell at center of divorce dispute

We might not be seeing Simon Cowell's devious grin on this new season of "American Idol," but that doesn't mean we aren't seeing the once popular judge's name in the news. The most recent news involving the star has little to do with his hectic schedule as a mogul in the entertainment world.

Comedienne Roseanne doesn't think child custody dispute is funny

We are used to seeing funny lady Roseanne Barr with a big smile on her face. A current family law dispute between her and her ex-husband, however, is nothing to smile about. Barr is actually suing her ex, alleging that he has violated the confidentiality agreement that the two of them reportedly made when finalizing their child custody agreement.

Keanu Reeves says past paternity suit was no excellent adventure

We are used to seeing actor Keanu Reeves as a cool guy in his movies. Whether he's on an excellent adventure as a tubular teen or saving passengers on a speeding bus, Reeves' characters portray him as a man who can roll with the surprises that life throws at him.


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