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How alleged belly dancing got one divorcee in trouble

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2011 | Spousal Support

Have you recently taken up a new leisurely activity? For the general public, entertaining a new hobby is no big deal – it’s admirable. Such new ventures provide the technologically savvy folk plenty of fodder to fill their blogs or other social networking spaces with.

As we have mentioned before on this Texas family law blog, it’s important to exercise good judgment when it comes to sharing aspects of our lives on the Internet. Whether Facebook, Twitter, a personal blog or all of those mediums are your thing, one woman’s recent spousal support dilemma proves how damaging social media can be in divorce-related cases.

According to sources, one 43-year-old woman’s blog photos depicting her new hobby have literally lost her her home and monthly alimony. Her current fervor for belly dancing was used against her in a court of law, affecting the details of her and her ex’s original divorce settlement.

In the initial divorce agreement between the couple, details involving spousal support and who would get to stay in the marital home apparently depended on the compromised health condition of the ex-wife. She reportedly had suffered significant injuries in a car accident and, therefore, claimed she would be unable to provide for herself. Her ex was to pay her alimony and leave her their home.

It’s really no surprise that the ex-husband challenged the divorce agreement when he found evidence on his ex-wife’s blog that she was belly dancing. He assumes that if his ex can belly dance, then she can get a job and earn money. A judge agreed with him last week and ruled that the ex-husband no longer has to pay his ex $850 a month. Plus, the ex-wife no longer gets to stay in their former home.

This weekend, the ex-wife and supposed belly dancer has attempted to fight back. While there is no report that she has taken formal legal action following the court’s recent ruling, she has told sources that the pictures of her belly dancing are misleading and were not what the court and her ex believe them to be. She says that she still is disabled from the past car accident and only participates in the hobby through stretching and gentle exercises.

Should the woman move forward with her challenge against the judge’s recent ruling, we will post an update.


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