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King of paternity drama, Maury Povich recalls unique cases

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2011 | Paternity

Maybe you are past the point in your life now when you would tune into daytime TV drama. But a popular host of daytime TV, Maury Povich, recently brought up paternity cases he’s covered on his show that leave even the biggest TV snob scratching his or her head in wonder.

Povich recently discussed the most shocking cases he’s featured on his show. The program is now infamous for covering paternity disputes and testing potential fathers. Among the many paternity test results shows, Povich remembers two cases involving sets of twins that seemed to defy common logic.

What was so unique and surprising about the cases? Not just once – but twice on the program – Povich revealed that each child in a set of twins had a different father than its twin. Can this really happen? According to sources, yes, it is possible. Fraternal twins can have different fathers, but this happens very rarely.

One of the mothers who sought Povich’s help in trying to get child support for her kids was from Texas. She was confident that a particular man was the father of her one-year-old twins and shocked to find out that he only fathered one of the two children. After hearing the result of the paternity test, the father agreed that he would pay for the one child out of the twins whom was proven to be his.

Sources explain that cases where twins have different fathers are the result of heteropaternal superfecundation. It happens when more than one of a woman’s eggs are fertilized by different men during the same ovulation cycle.

The reason why such science might be hard to believe is because only less than one percent of twins actually have different fathers. How two cases of twins with different fathers wound up on a single daytime TV show is pretty jaw dropping in itself.


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