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January 2017 Archives

What to do if your ex is moving out of state

Going through a divorce can be enough trouble without having to worry about issues like the jurisdiction of your child custody hearings. That's why it is important for parents to know their rights when they discover their ex-spouse plans to move out of state. The first step in that process is understanding how multi-state parenting agreements work and when they become necessary.

What are the rules about moving after divorce?

When a couple has no children and seeks a divorce, matters tend to be relatively simple. Once property issues get sorted out, the two parties never have to see one another again. However, when children are involved, things get more complicated. The divorcing couple must consider each issue that comes up in light of how it will affect the children. One such problem can come up when one of the parents wants to relocate a significant distance away.

A review of common child support questions

Contentious divorces are nothing new or revolutionary. But, what a lot of the movies miss out on discussing, is how complicated it is to divide a life and set up support plans. Movies and television focus on the emotional aspects of divorce (cheating! Secret families!) but rarely do they slog through the complicated formulas and guidelines that lawyers and judges apply every day. Child support is no different. This post is going to go over some of the most common questions involving child support.

Suits for broken engagements

A suit for a broken engagement may sound like a leftover from the "olden days," however these suits are still plausible claims in a few states. Back in the day, women were entirely economically dependent on their future husbands. The prospective wife was expected to provide a dowry in exchange for the husband providing care for her. But, as with things are when they involve love, proposals end. Today, a broken engagement is met with a sad story and drinks with a friend, but before the modern era, many of these women could be left destitute. To provide protection for these women, the courts crafted the "breach of marriage promise" claim. This post will go over the breach of marriage promise and its applicability in modern courts.


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