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February 2011 Archives

Federal plan to protect U.S. soldiers in family law court

United States military men and women serve the country to protect our best interests, so why shouldn't our government work to prevent their best interests while they are risking their lives? That is what certain lawmakers are asking in regards to family law decisions made based on service members' demanding military careers.

Comic's paternity dispute is no laughing matter

He lived a life of comedy and rock and roll, and it looks like the late Sam Kinison's lifestyle led to something more than Hollywood success. According to recent reports, Kinison fathered a child that he supposedly didn't know about during his life.

Halle Berry and ex's child custody dispute winds down

A few weeks ago, we shared a post about Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry and a family law issue she's involved in. She has a young daughter with her now ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry. While the couple's split last year might have gone smoothly, when it came to finalizing the terms of child custody, things got a bit rocky for a while.

Valentine's Day reminder: Money matters in love, Part 2

This year's St. Valentine's Day has already come and gone. Maybe you found a love interest this holiday or confirmed that your current valentine is a keeper. In that case, it's important that we continue our discussion from the last post about how to plan for and protect your finances in relation to marriage and divorce.

Valentine's Day reminder: Money matters in love, Part 1

The vows recited in a marriage ceremony cover more ground than we all initially give them credit for. Sure, we get that we are promising to love, honor and cherish our spouse. But along with the romantic ideas of love come some pretty important, less-romantic realities.

Is Best Actress Oscar a predictor of the next celebrity divorce?

A significant number of female Oscar winners have more in common than the shared professional achievement of winning the Academy Award. They also got divorced after their victories. So when you watch the Oscars this year, the woman who walks up on the stage and gives her emotional acceptance speech very well might be the next celebrity whose divorce hits the media circuit.


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