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Comic’s paternity dispute is no laughing matter

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2011 | Paternity

He lived a life of comedy and rock and roll, and it looks like the late Sam Kinison’s lifestyle led to something more than Hollywood success. According to recent reports, Kinison fathered a child that he supposedly didn’t know about during his life.

In fact, it has only recently been discovered that Kinison is, in fact, the father. The man who has been named as the father of the now 21-year-old woman up until now was a close friend of Kinison’s. A fellow comic, Carl La Bove, has been targeted for child support payments throughout the life of the child, and the family law issue has reportedly made his life difficult.

That hardship could be over.

According to Forbes, La Bove, who used to open for Kinison on the comedy circuit and was with him when he died in a car accident, took the first step toward a fresh start by seeking a paternity test. His suspicion that he didn’t father the young woman was validated; the test proved that Kinison was the actual father.

Following that revelation, La Bove is hoping to be able to move beyond a child support dispute that has him a reported $188,000 in the hole. Because he’s been unable to make the payments, he lacks a driver’s license and healthy credit report. He says he’s gotten over the fact that it turns out his friend was with his now ex-wife, and now he just wants to be forgiven his debts and regain his freedoms.

A hearing addressing La Bove’s request is scheduled for next month. Sources claim that the issue might not be resolved simply because of a paternity test. Because La Bove signed a divorce agreement promising child support years ago, that contract might be binding.

We will post an update with any new developments in this family law case.

Source “Kinison friend says comic fathered child,” Anthony McCartney, 17 Feb. 2011


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