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June 2012 Archives

Member of Jackson family is in ongoing child support dispute

Randy Jackson isn't the most well-known member of the famous Jackson family. But he does have something in common with his celebrity family: he's got drama in his life. It isn't unheard of for family law issues to drag on for longer than some families would like, but in this case, Jackson is fighting a child support fight over a kid that is now legally an adult.

Is dad's weight tipping scales in child custody decision?

Should obesity be a factor in child custody decisions? One 360-pound father believes that he is losing his custody battle because of his weight. Paintings made by his two sons, who are 5 and 6 years old, line his walls, but he has not been allowed to see his sons in more than a year. They have been living in foster care since authorities took them from his ex-wife's home last year when she was hospitalized for a mental breakdown and a suspected overdose.

Dwayne Wade calls foul against ex in visitation dispute

Not even being a star NBA player with money in the bank can save someone from the drama of family law disputes. Star athlete Dwayne Wade is in the midst of a continued fight with his ex regarding child custody and visitation rights.

Study: It takes lots of financial support to raise a child

Divorce is already taxing mentally; however, it can be even more financially taxing. In homes with one child, the cost to raise him or her to the age of 17 years old will exceed $300,000 according to a recent study. This does not include any college costs. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average yearly expense per child is slightly over $14,000 and the average middle income with two parents is no more than just over $102, 000. These numbers are slightly lower or higher depending on the income bracket the family falls into. This is the point of contention in many child support hearings. These numbers are astronomical for a married couple in at least the middle income range and can be devastating for a single parent after divorce. Out of the more than a quarter-of- a-million-dollar estimate to raise one child to college age, the largest expense is housing. This can account for at least 30 percent of the cost. The other two big ones are of course childcare (accounts for around 18 percent) and nourishment (about 16 percent). For single parents without support, these figures can be higher.

Celebrity parents finally making amicable divorce official

When Courteney Cox and David Arquette got together after costarring in Scream, their union seemed so wacky that it would have to work. She was the low-key partner, while Arquette was more eccentric. They seemed to be a good balance.

Money talk can ease stress in marriage and divorce

When many people decide to get married they don't want to ruin the romance of the occasion by talking about money. Others think money issues only happen to "other people," but they are wrong. Money problems in a marriage are essentially communication problems with dollar signs. No matter how much in love a couple might be, no one is immune to the effect that money and debt can have on marriage. That lack of communication regarding money and debt can both lead to divorce and bleed into matters of property division and financial support should a union end in a split. According to a 2009 study conducted by researchers at Utah State University, those who have financial disagreements at least weekly are more likely to divorce. With more people marrying later in life, there is a greater chance each individual will carry their own debt into a marriage. The best way for both parties to figure out how to deal with the joining of their finances is to take the time to talk about the issue seriously before they say "I do." However, a study conducted in 2010 by American Express revealed that such a pre-marital talk about finances was the exception, rather than the rule.

Gibson's in the news again, this time for helping his father

Legendary actor Mel Gibson is no stranger to the news. He's been used to the spotlight for decades but has become accustomed to the limelight within the past few years. From his traffic stop involving anti-Semitic comments to his recent, acrimonious breakup from girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, Gibson has earned himself a less-than-desirable reputation.

Woman involves Neiman Marcus in stress of Texas divorce

A Texas woman wants to return $1.4 million in goods she considers "tainted" because her husband bought the gifts for her from her personal shopper, who works at Neiman Marcus. The husband was allegedly having an affair with the personal shopper, and the woman and her husband have filed for divorce. The woman has filed suit against Neiman Marcus, claiming that the store engaged in fraud and deceptive trade practices. Her lawsuit alleges that the store knew that the husband and the personal shopper were having an affair and that the shopping going on was benefiting the personal shopper as the wife was being lied to.

Halle Berry will turn to odd source during child custody dispute

In the past, we have written about the child custody dispute between Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry and her ex-boyfriend, model Gabriel Aubry. The couple was never married but had a daughter together during their temporary romance.


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