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Dwayne Wade calls foul against ex in visitation dispute

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2012 | Child Custody

Not even being a star NBA player with money in the bank can save someone from the drama of family law disputes. Star athlete Dwayne Wade is in the midst of a continued fight with his ex regarding child custody and visitation rights.

The family law issue is beyond the family court due to his ex’s alleged actions. Wade accuses her of the attempted abduction of their two children, and authorities have added resisting arrest to the list of legal problems for the mother. She argues that the whole incident is a misunderstanding that was blown out of proportion due to her husband’s celebrity status.

Reuters reports that the mother was enjoying her legally-provided visitation with her children when it became difficult for Wade, other family members and ultimately the authorities to get a hold of her. The kids were supposed to return to be in the custody of their father. Wade’s ex claims that she didn’t hear the phone calls because her phone was off. The boys were with her when authorities arrived at her home and took her into custody.

Due to what Wade believes was an intentional violation of their child custody and visitation agreement, he is now trying to modify the agreement. He wants his ex stripped of her visitation rights, a request that, as a mother, she plans to fight in court. This battle will ensue in court by the end of the month.

The truth behind this matter is unknown to all besides those actually involved. But this matter does provide an opportunity to stress to any parent who is dissatisfied with their child custody or visitation arrangement to avoid taking matters into their own hands. There are legal routes that can help a parent get to a family arrangement that they might be happier with. Taking any drastic action that goes against the court could just set a parent back in their goals.

Source: Reuters, “Dwayne Wade asks court to suspend ex-wife’s child visits,” June 19, 2012


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