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Month: July 2020

What is parental alienation?

While most people would prefer to go through an amicable divorce, this is not a possibility for all couples. When splits are contentious, due to financial issues or because of infidelity, it can be hard for both spouses to agree. When children are involved, divorce...

Take the sting out of a Texas divorce

A divorce never is a pleasant experience and can cause a great deal of stress while ending a legally recognized relationship. Equitable distribution of all assets is the only way to ensure both parties can maintain their respective standards of living while moving...

How do you start a divorce?

The beginning of any divorce, in terms of procedure, is simple. One spouse starts by filing papers with the court. This is a strategic move, though, and you are right to give it some consideration.  Whoever starts, an important part of the filing process is notifying...


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