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Take the sting out of a Texas divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2020 | Divorce

A divorce never is a pleasant experience and can cause a great deal of stress while ending a legally recognized relationship. Equitable distribution of all assets is the only way to ensure both parties can maintain their respective standards of living while moving forward with their lives after the marriage ends.

Moving forward means dividing assets, determining post-marital financial support, and other issues that make divorce a complicated legal matter. Fortunately, when ending the relationship is inevitable, you can take steps to make the process go more smoothly. The following legal documents will help you to get through your divorce and look forward to better times ahead.

Records for jointly owned property

Real estate records that show ownership of your home, vacations properties, business properties, and even the vehicles you drive all are subject to divorce proceedings. If it has value and is tangible property, then it is an asset that has value as personal property that you might or might not jointly own. Regardless of what the title or deed declares, all property is subject to equitable distribution during your Texas divorce.

Financial records

Jointly owned retirement accounts, savings and checking accounts, and other financial assets need to be addressed and distributed properly. You need to collect the most recent records that you can obtain and present them to help ensure the court is fully aware of all financial resources and assets that were accrued during the marriage. That includes life insurance and similar financial assets that can lead to a large windfall years later. Equitable distribution of financial assets starts with fully documenting them.

Ensure effective Texas divorce representation

Gathering together the right documents to fully present your case will help to ensure a more positive outcome for you. You also need an experienced and effective divorce attorney to help ensure you get a fair hearing and treatment throughout the, otherwise, painful and emotional process.


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