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Month: July 2016

A rundown on paternity suits

A paternity suit is a legal action to establish parental rights over a child by legally declaring that a particular person is a father. These suits can be filed by the father or the mother. The mother would attach it because it would compel the father to pay child...

Can you file for divorce in Texas?

Are you considering filing for divorce in Texas? If you are, here are some things you need to know before taking that first step.Residency requirements for divorce petitions in TexasBefore a Texas court will accept your petition for a divorce, you or your spouse has...

Should you stay in your marriage?

Divorce is a big decision for any couple to undertake. There are emotional, spiritual and financial issues to take into consideration. But despite all of the potential cost, sometimes divorce is the better option for you and your family. A bad marriage can be a bad...

Financial tips for the recently divorced

Divorce implicates far more than splitting with your former spouse. It implicates asset division, shared parenting time with children, retirement, and even financial difficulty. Unfortunately, many people who divorce go through other forms of financial turmoil. It is...


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