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April 2017 Archives

Taking charge of your finances before divorce

Most people know that separating your finances forms a crucial part of the divorce process. However, you are likely to encounter problems if you approach your finances with a lack of clarity. Learning about key issues and consulting a knowledgeable attorney can help you stay in good financial shape during and after your divorce. In addition to learning financial skills, taking the following steps can help you during and after your divorce.

Do you need a QDRO when dividing divorce property?

Although a divorce may signify the end of a marital relationship, there's no reason that long-term planning should be set aside. Indeed, our Texas law firm works hard not only to protect our clients' rights during a divorce, but to help them take affirmative steps for putting their post-divorce finances in order

How can you prepare for a child custody battle?

If you are getting a divorce and anticipate a dispute with your spouse over child custody arrangements, it is important to be prepared. An attorney that focuses on family law matters can help parents prepare the documentation and other evidence they will need to demonstrate why a particular possession and/or access arrangement is in a child's best interest.

Does divorce mediation make sense for you?

Not all divorces need to generate a storm of bitter litigation. While not everyone can just sit down and come up with an agreement that works for both parties, you may wish to explore alternatives that fall somewhere in the middle. Divorce mediation, in particular, is gaining popularity for divorcing couples in many states, including Texas. Some counties even require couples to try mediation before litigating.

Considering divorce but not sure what to do?

The decision to divorce is one that many people do not make lightly, particularly if children are involved. Thus, it is natural that you would put off making a final decision for some time. The process is not one you need to go through alone, however. In fact, a lot of people can help you make an informed decision, and one of them is an attorney. Here is a quick look at how a lawyer may help.


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