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Considering divorce but not sure what to do?

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2017 | Divorce

The decision to divorce is one that many people do not make lightly, particularly if children are involved. Thus, it is natural that you would put off making a final decision for some time. The process is not one you need to go through alone, however. In fact, a lot of people can help you make an informed decision, and one of them is an attorney. Here is a quick look at how a lawyer may help.

Offering free initial consultations

First steps are huge, and simply making an appointment with an attorney can be liberating. Once there, you may realize divorce is what you need; conversely, you might realize that you want to give your marriage a second shot. In any case, free initial consultations let you meet with attorneys so that you can explain your situation and get an idea of who you feel comfortable with in case you want to move forward with the process. During this meeting, the attorney may be able to help you narrow your focus on a few priorities and let you know about time frames and the like.

While you can choose to meet with attorneys who do not offer free consultations, the free aspect may help you feel less pressured. It also helps if financial entanglement with your spouse is an issue.

Eliminating your fears

Meeting with an attorney can also dispel some fears you may have. For instance, you may badly want to divorce but fear doing so because you do not think you can get joint custody of your children. You may also want to move out of state but may be afraid your ex would not let you do it. An attorney could explain to you how realistic this fear is. Similarly, if you fear that divorce will be a huge strain on the kids, an attorney can explain how he or she would work to keep the process moving as smoothly as possible.

Fear and lack of information may be holding you back from getting a divorce. Talking to an attorney can help you decide if divorce is a good choice in your situation.


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