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August 2011 Archives

Dramatic Gibson-Grigorieva split comes to less-than-dramatic end

Think back to before the crazy rants of Charlie Sheen became the center of the limelight. Do you remember the audio recordings of superstar Mel Gibson that his ex-girlfriend shared with the public? It's been a short but drama-packed relationship between Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva, but it now seems that the drama has fizzled out.

Census report: Divorce rates go up down south

According to a recent study by the U.S. Census Bureau, marriage and divorce trends in the country have taken an unpredictable turn. Many of us have ideas about how people in different parts of the country might think and act. People in California are laid back and beautiful, New Yorkers are always on the move, Minnesotans talk kind of funny and Texans, well they like football, barbecue and some might say they have some of the strongest family values of anyone in the U.S.

Cohabitating couples face unique legal challenges

There is little doubt these days that the American family is changing. Houston residents can look at their friends and neighbors for proof of this. If further evidence is needed, there is a recent study that from the University of Virginia. Researchers there found that divorce rates for married couples who have children have returned to the level at which they existed before the "divorce revolution" of the 1970s - but mostly because many couples are choosing not to marry in the first place.

Will divorce be final chapter in Madoff's downward spiral?

When it was discovered that Bernie Madoff masterminded and profited heavily from an investment scheme, he didn't exactly steal any hearts. But now it seems the one woman that had always stood by him is going her own way, as Ruth Madoff is seeking to split from her husband.

Late-life divorce: When union ends but retirement nears, part 2

While divorce proceedings can have a positive effect on a person's social life and overall level of happiness, couples who choose to separate near retirement age should consider the substantial effect that a divorce can have on each individual's finances.

New alimony laws spread, reflecting changes in U.S. culture

When couples go through divorce, the court will typically require one spouse to pay alimony to the other. The purpose of these payments is to ensure that the lower earning spouses can maintain the same standard of living that they enjoyed during the marriage.


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