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Dramatic Gibson-Grigorieva split comes to less-than-dramatic end

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2011 | Family Law

Think back to before the crazy rants of Charlie Sheen became the center of the limelight. Do you remember the audio recordings of superstar Mel Gibson that his ex-girlfriend shared with the public? It’s been a short but drama-packed relationship between Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva, but it now seems that the drama has fizzled out.

According to reports, the former couple’s settlements regarding child custody and financial support for Grigorieva and their child were formalized in court today. A judge reviewed the couple’s agreements that they’d come to in mediation and approved them.

Sources report that the following are the basic points of the mediated agreements:

  • The couple will share custody of their 2-year-old daughter
  • Gibson will pay $750,000 to Grigorieva in child support
  • Gibson will also pay to keep Grigorieva and their daughter in their home until the child’s eighteenth birthday
  • When their daughter turns 18, the house will be sold, and the money from the house will go in a trust for the child
  • Neither Gibson nor Grigorieva are legally allowed to write books about their relationship and subsequent fallout

Some are surprised by the outcome of this high-profile legal dispute. Things got so ugly, with allegations of domestic violence, that Gibson and Grigorieva seemed like the last pair who would successfully get through mediation. Also, Grigorieva previously rejected a multimillion-dollar settlement from Gibson, making this final settlement seem like somewhat of a loss for her.

In this case, it sounds like mediation worked because Gibson and Grigorieva kept their roles as parents in mind throughout the process. Gibson reportedly has referred to the agreements as a “reasonable conclusion,” while there is no comment from Grigorieva to share at this point.

With this family law dispute behind him, maybe Gibson’s name will be in the headlines for more positive, movie-related reasons in the future.


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