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July 2011 Archives

Ex-pilots in sham-divorce case meet smooth landing in Texas court

Numerous airline companies have filed for bankruptcy or have sought financial assistance from the government in the past few years as a result of the declining economy. However, when those airlines go out of business or restructure under a government payment plan, the employees are often left in personal financial crisis.

Schwarzenegger shows that divorce doesn't have to get ugly

The situation that led to the high-profile divorce between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver might have involved intense drama, but it looks like the divorce process between the actor/former governor and his journalist wife won't need to get as dramatic.

National public shocked by judge's child custody decision

Family law is a very emotion-packed field of law. What matters to most people the most, family, is on the line in these cases, whether dealing with a divorce, child custody, adoption or other family law dispute. A family's future depends upon a judge's decision.

Latino lovebirds Lopez and Anthony saying "adios" to marriage

Throughout the U.S. and abroad, many people have a place in their hearts for either music and movie star Jennifer Lopez or her hubby crooner Marc Anthony. Before the two married several years ago, they worked together on music projects. Anthony reportedly was romantically interested in Lopez, but as you can probably remember, Lopez has been with various other famous men throughout her years in the spotlight.

Texas rap star remains in prison for unpaid child support

A Houston rap star, Scarface, has been in a Harris County Jail since October of last year. His crime? Failure to pay child support in Texas. He reportedly owes more than $123,000 in overdue child support payments. The amount stems from four different paternity cases. The amounts owed under each case are as follows:

Harris proposes Texas criminal or family law changes after Anthony verdict

State Senator Chris Harris, R-Arlington, outraged by the results of the Casey Anthony murder trial, plans to introduce legislation in Texas that would penalize any parent or legal guardian who does not report a missing child in a timely manner. The Senator would propose to make such an offense a felony.

Texas parents worry about ex-spousal abduction of children to Mexico

Between 1999 and 2009, the Government Accountability Office, an investigatory unit put together by Congress, reported 6,966 cases of international parental abduction. Most of these abductions were perpetrated by foreign-born parents who returned to their home countries -- often seeking more favorable child custody decisions from their home nations' courts. Last year, around one third of the 1,500 children who were unlawfully abducted from the United States and taken to a foreign country ended up in Mexico.


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