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Latino lovebirds Lopez and Anthony saying “adios” to marriage

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2011 | Divorce

Throughout the U.S. and abroad, many people have a place in their hearts for either music and movie star Jennifer Lopez or her hubby crooner Marc Anthony. Before the two married several years ago, they worked together on music projects. Anthony reportedly was romantically interested in Lopez, but as you can probably remember, Lopez has been with various other famous men throughout her years in the spotlight.

While Lopez always seems to be romantically involved with someone, her relationships tend to not overcome the long term struggles that most couples face. Her seven-year marriage to Anthony is apparently no different. According to reports, the couple is going to divorce and announced their intention late last week.

While celebrity divorces are not uncommon, sources highlight how, for some reason, this high-profile split has surprised some. At the beginning of the relationship, many were confused about how Lopez could go from someone like Ben Affleck to someone like Anthony. Over the course of the couple’s marriage, however, it just seemed to fit. Both have passion for music and the Latino culture. Their shared passions and union resulted in twins, a boy and a girl, now three years old.

The exact reason behind the reported divorce has not been disclosed by either Anthony or Lopez. And even though it does look like the couple’s marital union will end, sources indicate that the couple will attempt to work together professionally despite the slit. The two reportedly have a talent show to pitch that looks for stars across Latin America.

We will be sure to post an update when there are developments in this celebrity divorce case. This is neither Lopez’s nor Anthony’s first divorce. Do you have any ideas about why this marriage didn’t work?


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