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May 2012 Archives

Mediated child custody arrangement is challenged in Texas

Mediation is a great option for some families who want to save time, money and stress in certain family law situations. Two parents, for example, could sit down at a table together with a mediator (who doesn't take sides) and come to a child custody agreement free from any back and forth between lawyers. Mediation can lead to agreements that parents can more easily live with.

Child custody battle has Usher singing the blues

It isn't surprising that child custody battles can make parents extremely emotional. Just because a marriage or romantic relationship doesn't work between two adults, that doesn't mean that those parties lose any love for their kids. The breakup can put kids through the ringer, adding to parents' emotions during a divorce.

First comes Facebook IPO, then comes marriage for Zuckerberg

The traditions of relationships, love and marriage change over time. Couples wait longer to get married these days, meaning that they might already be living together and be bringing money (or debt) into the marriage. They are more established in their lives and, therefore, likely have more business and money matters to clarify before getting married in order to prepare for a potential divorce.

Sanders' Texas divorce simmers down but also gets spendy

It's time again to post an update on Deion and Pilar Sanders' Texas divorce. The process began back in December after Deion filed the divorce papers. The divorce filing didn't stop the couple from living on the same Texas property, but it did start some extreme drama.

Women's success in the workplace affects spousal support norms

For decades, women have fought for equality in the workplace and beyond. The fight continues, though there has been significant progress for women to achieve the success that they want in their lives through education and employment.

Texas court favors Deion Sanders after domestic violence incident

This post continues to follow the escalated family law situation between Texas pair Deion and Pilar Sanders. Their contested divorce began late last year and consistently escalates into a more dramatic family, civil and even criminal law situation.

Case arises involving alleged international parental child abduction

Child custody/visitation is a very important matter which can sometimes give rise to some complicated legal issues. One thing related to child custody that has become an increasingly major issue in many states, including Texas, in recent years is international parental child abduction. Such abductions can be extremely impactful and attempts by the parent whose children have been abducted to get their children returned to the U.S. can give rise to many complicated and thorny legal issues.

Divorced couples' property finding new homes through auctions

With the rise of reality TV shows about auctions, it's somewhat surprising that there isn't already a show about a certain, surprising kind of auction: divorce auctions. If you are a fan of "Sex and the City," then you might have seen the movie that included an auction that a divorced woman put on to sell the jewelry she got from her ex-husband. It was a way for her to get rid of memories from her unhappy union and also put some money in her pocket after the split.


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