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Texas court favors Deion Sanders after domestic violence incident

On Behalf of | May 9, 2012 | Child Custody

This post continues to follow the escalated family law situation between Texas pair Deion and Pilar Sanders. Their contested divorce began late last year and consistently escalates into a more dramatic family, civil and even criminal law situation.

A previous post shared how a domestic violence incident broke out between the couple late last month. Pilar was taken away from the family’s Texas home after Deion claimed that she and her friend physically attacked him in front of their children. That incident has led to an assault charge for Pilar as well as a restraining order requiring her to stay away from her estranged husband.

Despite their pending acrimonious divorce, the couple has lived on the same large Dallas property throughout the contentious legal process. Due to a Texas judge’s recent ruling that Pilar stay at least 500 yards away from Deion, that living situation will change.

Another change, at least a temporary one, is that a Texas court has given full custody of the couple’s children to Deion. The most recent post about this family’s drama indicated how the boys supposedly saw the recent domestic violence incident that was instigated by their mother, a point that likely didn’t go unnoticed by the judge when making his custody decision.

This custody arrangement is not set in stone but apparently seemed the most reasonable at this point in the judge’s eyes. With all of the drama going on between Deion and Pilar, it can be easy for even them as parents to forget that young children are in the middle of this emotional battle. As long as the parents continue to fight each other, it is the legal system’s responsibility to look after the best interests of the children.

Source: USA Today, “Restraining order placed on Deion Sanders’ wife,” May 8, 2012


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