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August 2012 Archives

Pageant mother accused of 'sexually exploiting' daughter

Some Texas viewers of the TLC hit "Toddlers & Tiaras" were appalled when one of the toddlers, now 6 years old, appeared on camera wearing padded breasts and buttocks as part of one of her outfits. The little girl was meant to look like Dolly Parton. While this may be inappropriate, is it egregious enough to lose custody over?

Kristen Stewart wants custody...of the dog

Even those living under a rock have likely heard the news that "Twilight" stars, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, are no longer Hollywood's hot couple in the face of Stewart's infidelity. While the couple was together for a reported four years, they were never married. So although there is no divorce to finalize, no alimony to negotiate and no property to divide, there is one thing that may bring the couple to court: Bear.

Do Texas parents always seek the best interest of their children?

In some situations, divorcing parties may feel like they want to run in opposite directions forever and never look back. However, when children are involved, this is not a feasible plan. Child custody arrangements can be some of the most contested and complex aspects of a divorce in Texas or elsewhere.

Divorce: Beginning the end

Not all Texas divorces are a mutual decision, in fact most are not. According to one therapist, the divorce-initiating spouse has often thought long and hard about the decision to end the marriage for a very long time. Typically, the other spouse desires to make the relationship work, but by the time the initiating spouse announces that they want a divorce, the initiating spouse has already checked out and there is often little hope of salvaging the union.

Does divorce spell disaster for my credit?

Couples in Texas divorce for a number of reasons. While the circumstances vary, one underlying trend is often that what once represented a stable and supportive relationship has broken down into a series of disagreements surrounding property division, child custody and alimony.

Palin boy's profanity reignites child custody dispute

It might be tough to believe, but Bristol Palin and her ex-boyfriend's son Tripp is old enough to talk at this point, and he's saying some pretty surprising words. It seems like just yesterday pregnant Bristol and Levi Johnston were sitting in the crowd of political spectators watching Sarah Palin's campaign for Vice President of the United States. Now, the baby is a little boy whose parents never tied the knot and are in a child custody dispute.

What's the child support reality between former reality star couple?

Remember when Jon and Kate Plus Eight was the extremely popular, family-friendly show it was? When the marriage between the parents Jon and Kate broke down, however, the entire tone of the program changed. The couple got divorced and it wasn't the happiest, most positive family law process that the public has seen.


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