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Kristen Stewart wants custody…of the dog

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2012 | Family Law

Even those living under a rock have likely heard the news that “Twilight” stars, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, are no longer Hollywood’s hot couple in the face of Stewart’s infidelity. While the couple was together for a reported four years, they were never married. So although there is no divorce to finalize, no alimony to negotiate and no property to divide, there is one thing that may bring the couple to court: Bear.

Bear, the puppy the couple adopted from a shelter that euthanizes animals at a high rate, is loved by both Pattinson and Stewart. The puppy was infected with a virus when they first adopted him and he almost died. The couple worked together to save his life, and treat him as though he is their child.

Developing such a strong affinity for a pet is not unusual. With astonishing frequency, pet custody is becoming a debated issue when a couple splits. Both want the pet and neither is willing to budge. Pet-loving exes have shelled out heaps of cash and negotiated settlements to work out the custody of pets.

Pets are not like children though, there is not a set of rules governing who should get custody. Often the pet is viewed as property, therefore a couple will have to negotiate who gets to keep Rover if they want to avoid litigation.

Reportedly, Stewart wants joint custody of Bear. It would not be unheard of it the former couple decides to seek counsel with an experienced family law attorney to negotiate the terms of the dog’s custody.

Source: Fraser Coast Chronicle, “Custody battle looms over dog,” July 31, 2012

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