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What’s the child support reality between former reality star couple?

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2012 | Family Law

Remember when Jon and Kate Plus Eight was the extremely popular, family-friendly show it was? When the marriage between the parents Jon and Kate broke down, however, the entire tone of the program changed. The couple got divorced and it wasn’t the happiest, most positive family law process that the public has seen.

It isn’t a huge surprise that the Gosselins’ marriage ended in divorce. Children (especially those that come in sets of multiples) can put a huge strain on a marriage, but so can intense stardom. Reality TV has contributed to the breakdown of other relationships. Even though the Gosselins’ marriage ended a few years ago, there is still lingering child support drama and doubt regarding the reality of the family’s situation.

Recent tabloid articles have included passionate, dramatic statements from Jon regarding his supposed inability to pay the child support he owes to his eight kids. He claims that he can’t keep up with the payments while also keeping a home. Without a home, he adds, he wouldn’t be able to share custody of his kids.

Reports from Kate’s camp, however, cast a shadow of doubt over Jon’s concerns. She claims that her ex was relieved of having to pay any child support earlier this year. Is his outcry over child support a way for the ex-reality star to get back into the spotlight? It is his way of trying to point fingers at Kate? He also used the media spotlight to criticize Kate’s reported plan of starring in a reality TV dating show. Jon thinks that the show would keep her from their kids too much.

There always seems to be a sense of irony when it comes to reality TV and its stars. That irony is that it is seemingly impossible to know what is real. No matter what each parent is saying in this celebrity case, what always remains most important is that the kids involved have the support and stability that they need to lead healthy childhoods.

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