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Former Dallas Stars player and wife to divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2012 | Divorce

Couples in Texas and elsewhere across the country do not frequently expect the end. However, divorce is a reality for an increasing number of couples. Circumstances can change, and sometimes going separate ways is simply the best decision.

A former Dallas Stars player, Mike Modano, and his soon-to-be-ex wife, actress Willa Ford, recently announced that they are divorcing. The couple wed in Athens, Texas, but after five years the couple is parting ways.

Accordingly, the Texas hockey star’s spokesman issued a statement last week informing the public of the couple’s divorce, but offered no further details. The lack of details could be indicative of the couple’s desire to keep their private life under wraps. However, the lack of details could also mean that the couple has several remaining big decisions to make regarding everything from property division to spousal support.

Often, the decision alone to divorce can be very difficult. However, once this big decision is reached, many may feel unsure of what to do next. A wise first step for a divorcing party is to seek a sense of financial stability by saving money and opening a separate bank account. It is also critical to keep a detailed record of all documents. If there are children involved, accommodations in their best interest need to be addressed as well.

Divorce can feel like an overwhelming process, but it does not need to be that way. Laying out a plan can help guide a divorcing party smoothly through a possibly difficult process.

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