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July 2012 Archives

Custody details can cover more than just standard holidays

When one man was a child, his dad took him to a Syracuse basketball game against a Texas team. The boy and his dad had a special time, and the event has forever opened a place in the man's heart for his beloved basketball team. That child is now a father and wants to carry on the tradition of rooting for that team.

Vera Wang's marriage is over, but is her booming business?

Recently, wedding fashion icon Vera Wang announced her upcoming divorce from her husband of over 20 years. Since wedding dresses have been the cornerstone of her fashion empire, some wonder if she may lose some business, being that happily ever after did not happen the way she planned. Others continue to trust her designs and focus on her product not her personal life. There are many different perspectives to look at. As a famous designer, Wang's name is also her brand. It's possible that if her spouse holds a greater responsibility for the breakup, he is damaging her brand, which may affect her future income potential. On the other hand, the marriage and Wang's husband's support of her business could lead to a property division decision in which Wang's ex gets some of the business value. It's very possible, however, that the couple came up with a contract regarding how the business would be affected by a potential divorce.

When grandparents get caught up in divorce and child custody fights

Being a grandparent is a truly special role for many parents out there. Grandparents can be a huge help to their adult children and their families, watching the grandbabies and often paying for certain items and opportunities. No parent wants to think that their child will ever be divorced. And no grandparent would want to think that the end of a marriage would mean the end of their relationship with their grandchildren.

Inconsistent rules lead to confusion in military child custody cases

Many young families in Texas value serving their country in the military. While this decision once meant that these families could move forward with their lives and feel more secure, with more and more deployments, especially to Iraq and Afghanistan, these families are feeling the strain. For many soldiers, surviving deployment doesn't mean their marriage will survive. Many find instead of getting a warm welcome upon return, they are faced with an epic and confusing battle regarding child custody. Regardless of military status of either parent, the court's main responsibility in every state is to find the best child custody arrangement for a child. As honorable as it is to serve one's country, long deployments of one parent are bound to make most children build a closer bond with the other parent. However, in at least one recent case, a soldier returned only to find his wife and child had relocated to another state, with his wife forbidding him from seeing the child.

Cruise/Holmes divorce proves that divorce can be quick

It's a misconception that the divorce process has to be drawn-out and ugly. Though the celebrity divorces we often read about in the media can seem to take forever (like Kim Kardashian's or the McCourts') Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes prove that even they can agree to get through the process on quick, seemingly amicable terms.

Seniors can protect their families with prenups

At one time, the idea that someone would enter into a marriage with a predetermined decision of how to handle finances in the event of a divorce was thought of as both unromantic and tacky. But although seniors may be madly in love with the person they want to marry, with a bit more life experience they realize there is more at stake that they need to protect. One of the key issues is property division. It is not unusual for seniors to have their own property paid for that they plan to leave to their children or grandchildren. They may also have a good deal of personal heirlooms they want to pass on to a biological family member. Without a prenuptial agreement, such property could go to the new spouse in the event of divorce or death. The marriage itself can even override a will in many cases.

Well-known artist in rap world is cleared of paternity suit

It isn't uncommon to hear of a celebrity being the target of a paternity action. Heck, there was even a paternity action filed against squeaky clean teen star Justin Bieber. While "The Biebs" was cleared of the accusation that he fathered a baby, another music star is facing that same music this week.

Divorce isn't a dirty word or necessarily a dirty process

Perhaps the most tragic thing about most divorces is that two people who have shared so much end up fighting each other as passionately as they may once have been attracted to each other. But for some, divorces can be amicable. Some couples effectively see and use divorce as a healthy, necessary step towards happier lives. This often happens in the form of an uncontested divorce, and couples find they more quickly, less expensively, and less traumatically move forward with their lives. In amicable divorces otherwise contentious issues can serve as reasons for keeping things civil. Children often get bounced around like ping pong balls in divorce proceedings. An amicable divorce actually lets both parents consider the children's needs first before their own wants. When they can afford to they can actually leave the children in the home they are used to, and take turns living there themselves, so the children need not live with the extreme change of a new home along with the separation of their parents.


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