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Cruise/Holmes divorce proves that divorce can be quick

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2012 | Divorce

It’s a misconception that the divorce process has to be drawn-out and ugly. Though the celebrity divorces we often read about in the media can seem to take forever (like Kim Kardashian’s or the McCourts’) Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes prove that even they can agree to get through the process on quick, seemingly amicable terms.

Everything about this celebrity marriage, which lasted about seven years, seemed extreme. First, the way that Cruise announced his love for Holmes was extremely public and passionate. Don’t you remember when he jumped on Oprah’s couch and giggled uncontrollably? Well, their marriage is coming to an end in a much quieter, less dramatic way.

Late last month, reports indicated that Holmes, 33, filed for divorce from Cruise, 50. There has always been speculation surrounding the celebrity union, largely focused on the controversial religion of Scientology that Cruise is so publically passionate about. Theories regarding the reason behind the divorce included speculation that Holmes was no longer happy with the role of Scientology in her life, marriage and the upbringing of their child.

Though speculation has run rampant regarding this union and split, theories will remain that — just theories. Not only has the couple settled the matter of the divorce within two weeks of the filing, but they are set on keeping the details of the split private. There are likely at least a couple of motivations behind the quick and quiet settlement. First, they have a young daughter whom they want to protect from an arduous, highly publicized process. Second, the Church of Scientology likely does not want to be dragged into the celebrity divorce spotlight.

The short time with which the celebrity duo was able to come to an agreement suggests that they will both remain equally involved in the parenting of their daughter. It could also suggest that Cruise and Holmes had a very clear contract going into the marriage that saved them from a long, contested divorce.

Source: Associated Press, “Cruise, Holmes agree to settlement in divorce case; details not revealed,” July 9, 2012


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