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Month: November 2016

Overview of Texas adoption rules

Adoption laws vary from state to state. There has been an effort to move states to the Uniform Adoption Act however results have been spotty at best. It is best if you seek the advice of an attorney before attempting to adopt a child, to ensure that you comply and...

Manimony: Alimony for men

Pew Research stated that in 2012, there were nearly two million stay-at-home dads -- almost double that of 1989. Why the change? Some modern households now rely on the wife for financial support. Today, women can be the "breadwinner," and many females have a higher...

Long-term separation vs. divorce

Physical separation is a normal precursor to a divorce. Sometimes the separation is amicable, but usually, it is the result of a culmination of altercations, the final one being the penultimate "move out." But, as time and distance bring perspective, sometimes couples...

Stepparent adoptions explained

There are several types of adoptions, each with their specific requirements, including stepparent adoption. But in stepparent adoptions, many of these barriers are removed. For example, in other adoptions, the court requires home visits, hearings, and long waiting...

When are divorces most common?

Surprisingly, according to a recent study, divorces are most common at the end of Spring and the end of Summer. The study, out of the University of Washington, found that divorce filings peak in March and August. The study concluded after a 14-year exhaustive...

How does divorce affect your credit?

Luckily, divorce does not directly impact your credit. It is not a reportable event on your credit score, like a missed payment or bankruptcy. But, the effects of divorce can damage your credit, if not handled properly. This post will go over what can happen and...



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