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January 2013 Archives

Money matters can place serious strain on marriages

The shifting gender norms witnessed across our country in the preceding decades have manifested themselves in several forms. These shifting norms have changed the makeup of work environments, the makeup of homes and also the makeup of divorce trends. No longer is it only men being ordered to pay women alimony, or women being awarded full custody of children in cases of divorce in Texas. Divorce decrees are being issued to couples with splits and settlements that are far more varied than they were even just a few decades ago.

Key conversations: effective communication after divorce

It is no secret to our Houston readers that after a divorce often the last thing a separated couple wants to do is talk. It is understandable why both parties may want to keep conversations to a minimum at a best. Unfortunately, some conversations are simply unavoidable, especially when children are involved in the separation.

Divorced parents of teens should set clear, cohesive expectations

In many Houston divorces, working out the specifics regarding the care of any children a divorcing couple may have is often the most contentious aspect of a split. Child custody and visitation needs to be decided upon in the best interest of the child. Many parents in Texas that divorce choose to co-parent so that children may have a meaningful relationship with both of their parents, just like any other child.

Financially providing for children not optional after divorce

The use of donor sperm and donor eggs has allowed scores of couples in Texas and nationally that otherwise would have been unable to conceive to have children. While this has opened wonderful doors for many couples, it has also raised complex family law issues surrounding child custody, child support and parental obligations.

Can I find a fulfilling relationship after my divorce?

Often, we post on this blog on topics relating to effectively interacting with an ex-spouse after a divorce, what to expect during the divorce process and issues of a similar nature. But what about when a divorce is finalized? With the rate of marriages that end in divorce in Texas and across the rest of the nation consistently reaching as high as 50 percent, the odds are that if an individual is looking to date post-divorce, he or she will likely date someone else that has also been divorced.

Texas grandparents fight for custody of infant

Custody battles can be fought between varying parties on a wide spectrum of relationships in courtrooms across Texas. On this blog we have detailed instances of former spouses fighting for custody of children post-divorce, unwed parents of children battling for their parental rights, biological parents fighting against potential-adoptive parents, and sometimes grandparents or other extended family members fighting for custody of a child.

Contested divorces do not always yield huge financial losses

In a very crystallized and simplified view of divorce, there are two fronts that can be significantly impacted when a couple chooses to end their marriage in Texas. One of those two fronts is the emotional front. There is an expansive array of emotions that an individual may confront at the end of a marriage.

Are finances driving you and your spouse apart?

Issues in a marriage can manifest themselves in several forms. It is not unusual for there to be some element of secrecy inherent in these problems. For some Texas couples, it can be an extramarital affair. For other couples, it can be financial dishonesty. Money is a significant stressor in many relationships. Spouses may not agree about how best to allocate funds, where to invest or how much to spend on non-necessities.


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